Sergeant: Ted opened the floor to members fining members. Richard fined M&M captains for motivation methods, John fined George for wearing winter clothing. Happy bucks from Maureen for great carnival, car draw and selling winning ticket; from Jim Joseph for only being given a hard time by one lady on parade traffic duty; John for signing a food waiver for bringing celebration pies into Pinestone; David for pride in winning Voyageur Cup; Marlene for being so impressed by how happy people were to buy car draw tickets.

Rotary Minute – David brought 2 articles from the Echo 1983 – one about the club raising $13,000 at Snowerama, and one about Curry having a very close call with a mean tree (which Greg fought off).

Speaker Notes: Paul Graham, pastor at Lakeside Baptist Church, spoke about an initiative called “Find the Hope”. This consists of several churches in Haliburton area working together to provide a common message to community members about being able to approach churches to obtain support, or hope, about any number of needs – spiritual, financial, basic needs, mental health , etc. The idea is that people will see the churches as a glue that holds communities together, not solely a place of worship, and that anyone can approach any church for resources, contacts, friendship. The campaign will begin September-October as an information-sharing with entire community.

Club Business:

  1. Carnival. Richard provided initial snapshot of carnival results – all positive! Crown and anchor brought in $1771 (more than twice last year thanks in part to new Homeniuk tent), Food brought in $3477 (up $600 from last year), Rides brought in $6152, and fireworks were self-funded and were great. Final numbers will be presented when all receipts are in.
  2. Car Draw. Ticket sales landed at 5866. Winner Mike Stinson took money (yea!). Final bill from Curry’s still to come. Pot luck BarBQ on Sept. 4 at Hodgson’s Estate. Contributing members should be invited as well i.e. ticket sellers Kim and Art, Canoe race organizer Curtis, etc.
  3. Board meeting – Thursday, Aug. 21.
  4. HCDC community meeting for Aug. 28 has been cancelled until after election.
  5. District Governor Representative Dawn Straka will visit our Club Aug. 28 to share Rotary message and updates. She will meet with Board at 4:45 that evening prior to reg meeting.
  6. Celebrations – Ted wedding anniversary (20 yrs), Adam wedding anniversary (6 years), and Jim Joseph’s mother-in-law will celebrate 100 years of age this week.
  7. Storage Shed. Fleming College has a Storage Container that club can have – hurray- for thecost of helping to clean it out. Gerry has offered a place to store it to keep Rotary-owned equipment in good repair and accessible. Thanks to Ted and Gerry.
  8. Carnival comments. Curry asked that club discuss potential ticket sale options and the parade at Club Assembly on September 11.

Adjournment: 7:00 p.m.

Card Game. David hoped the card game would give up $89.67 to him. That didn’t work out.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara