Winner Declared!
Here are the final standings

David Bishop-377
Curry Bishop-349
Andy Glecoff-337
Greg Bishop-160
Kim Emmerson-159
Art Dawson-131
Jim Miners-120
Brian Black-105
Nancy Bishop-103
Andy Salvatori-95
David Gray-92
Steve Roberts-91
Peter Forgrave-90
Bob Stinson-80
Brian Menton-80
Dorothy Menton-80
Ray Selbie-80
Ted Brandon-80
Jim Henwood-78
Kim Varty-71
Derek Knowles-66
Don Popple-58
John Beachli-57
Robert denboer-55
Jim Richards-53
Tracey McMullen-52
Greg Scheffee-50
Jamie Cowen-46
Sean Hawley-40
Maureen O'Hara-35
Drew Carey-35
Linda Beachli-29
Bob Nichol-28
Hugh Nichol-27
Art Ward-27
Len Pizzey-24
Lon Duncombe-20
Foster Loucks-20
Donna MacDonald-19
Troy Austen-17
Jerry Walker-16
John Gunning-14
Luke Schell-13
Maria Micallef-10
Marran Woods-10
Don Madole-7

Total- 3,586= $72,640
Gold Team-1330
Blue Team-1180
Black Team-1076

Early Bird Winners (and Sellers):

IGA Voucher - George Bosch, Belleville (Glecoff)
Value Mart Voucher - Bill Schell, Huntsville (C. Bishop)
Curry Motors Voucher - Ed/Jen Bloom, Barrie (Glecoff)
Pinestone Voucher - Gary MacDonald, Haliburton (MacDonald)
Sir Sam's Inn Ski Package - Mac Gadway, Harcourt (Dawson)

Contest plateaus for Surf and Turf meals:

80 tickets sold=1 meal
120 tickets sold=2 meals
160 tickets sold=3 meals
200 tickets sold=4 meals
250 tickets sold=5 meals
300+ tickets sold=6 meals

Winner: Shirley Howse
Sales by club General= 46 Total Sales- 3,632
A full report will be filed in due course but in the meantime, thanks are extended to co-chariman Brian Menton and to the team captains- Andy Glecoff, Kim Emmerson and Brian Black and most of all to the club members for selling the tickets. On our $20 tickets, this was the most sales ever!

I want to give thanks to the club as a whole, but in particular, Jim Miners, Greg Bishop, Andy Salvatori, Nancy Bishop and Peter Forgrave for their over sales. A special acknowledgement to our rookies Kim Varty,Robert denboer, Lon Duncombe, Foster Loucks and to our hard working Marran Woods for ther enthusiastic work and support.
Lastly, I extend, and the rest of you should give, a special thanks to my comptroller Lorne Hoppenreys, who allowed me to work the sales end while he kept track of the tickets. It would not have worked without his help. If I have missed someone I should have thanked, you can take it that, I thank you all !

David Bishop