Tuesday, February 23rd marked the official handover of the Ntsika Sanitation Project! In an update from Rotarian Gavin Keaton, he noted:
"The occasion was reminder of the extraordinary mixtures that make up Grahamstown.  Just outside the School were long queues of people collecting water from the School’s borehole (it has a public tap) because our town has been without water for more than 4 days.  Unlike the weather in Texas, the cause for our plight is poor local governance that allowed the main water pump to break down without a backup in place.  One of the goals of the project was to make Ntsika self-sufficient in times like these.  We installed 40 000 litres of water tanks that feed into the school’s mains via a pump.  In addition, they have access to the water from the borehole that was drilled on their grounds in 2019 by an organisation called Gift of the Givers."
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