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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Snow King Resort
400 E. Snow King Ave.
Jackson Hole, WY  83001
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Tuesday is the annual Luncheon for Literacy.  This is a core area of focus for Rotary and an important project in Jackson Hole.
Please attend our meeting on May 29 and show your support for literacy.  You will learn ways that you can support the advancement of literacy in Jackson.  We all benefit from a community that can communicate in speech and text.
This is a strong program supported by Rotary and run by Rotarians in Jackson.
Pizza is provided.
This year the Rotary Interact High School Club is hosting a 5K Color Run on June 2nd at the public high school. This non-competitive race encourages all ages to participate. A portion of the profits are being donated to One22, a nonprofit organization comprised of the Community Resource Center, Latino Resource Center, and El Puente. Make sure to sign up soon, there are only 150 slots!
Morgan Albertson Jouen of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum presented a brief overview in pictures and words of Jackson Hole.  Humans have been in Jackson Hole for about 11,000 years.  Homesteading in JH depended on Federal legislation in 1862 (Homestead Act) and 1877 (Desert Land Act).  The Museum operates in three locations.  The Cissy Paterson Gallery in the Museum's Cashe Street location was enabled by a gift from Rotarian Joe Albright).  The musuem is partnering with public and private entities in Jackson Hole and continues to solicit beneficial partnerships.  The museum is looking to consolidate some of its operations and also to find a suitable strage location for up to 4000 SF of materials that are not on display.  Thank you Morgan and Rotarian Becky Kimmel for the presentation.
Jeff Ward of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation announced the results of the annual scholarship program for High School Seniors.  The local Foundation awarded 38 scholarships with a total value of $190,000.  The scholars will be present at the June 5, 2018 noon meeting of the club at Snow King.
The first honor of this month’s Rotary award luncheon went to a member of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Bruce Bollinger, for his giving commitment to Rotary’s international foundation which supports the humanitarian service work of Rotary worldwide, including the fight against polio. Bollinger was inducted into the “White Hat Society” for giving $5,000 in one year to the Rotary Foundation.
Paul Cucchiarelli, owner of Hand Fire Pizza, received the Citizen of the Month award for the way his business gives back to the community. Every Tuesday night Hand Fire hosts “Pizza with a Purpose”, featuring a nonprofit which receives part of the proceeds.
The student of the month from Jackson Hole High School was Annalise Zabriskie, with an impressive academic record including two AP math classes her senior year. Zabriskie serves as student body president, secretary of Key Club, is a Rotary Interact membe, and is the captain of the varsity hockey team.
Sal Ponce-Ramirez, Student of the Month from Summit High Schoo,l was introduced by Principal Beth Auge as a musician who plays three instruments and has a winning sense of humor. He told a powerful story of his struggles in high school and finding community and hope at Summit High School. He reflected that he now finds himself writing poems “of hope and optimism and love” rather than about sad things.
Journeys School presents a “Student of the Season” every Fall and Spring and the student honored this Spring was Avery Absolon who spoke about finding more confidence in herself and her passions and deciding to be at Journeys while many of her friends went to a different school. Her love of dance, embrace of adventure, and being willing to try new things were highlighted by Head of School Nancy Lang.
It’s that time of year when High School seniors are wrapping up writing scholarship applications. This year, for the first time, two outstanding students with be awarded a four-year, $20,000 scholarship from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole. The scholarship will be disbursed in four $5,000 installments. The new scholarship was announced at the March 6th Rotary Club lunch meeting.
Santa Claus Fund was the recipient of our Citizen of the Month award for the great work they do supporting local families in need with holiday gifts. This is a very well-organized, volunteer-driven program that involves getting family wish lists to volunteer gift buyers, who in turn go to local stores that offer discounts to the Santa Claus Fund. Three Santa Claus Fund board members (L-R) Patty Krause, Liz Lockheart and Cadel Carrigan accepted the award which was presented by Rotarian and Santa Claus Fund volunteer Katie Murphy.
Phil Cameron of Energy Conservation Works and Brian Tanabe of Lower Valley Energy presented an overview and update on energy conservation and green energy. 
The progress on energy conservation and green energy is the result of the combined and coordinated efforts of the Town of Jackson, Teton County, and Lower Valley Energy.  There has been a 50% increase renewable electricity use.  The renewable resources of solar voltaic and wind energy are marketed by Lower Valley Energy with a nominal additional charge for the energy consumed.  The Town of Jackson is dedicated to use of 100% renewable power.
Green power is derived from Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biogas, eligible biomass and small non-intrusive hydropower.  Over 770,000 kilowatt hours per year comes from photo-voltaics.  The metering of power generated by housing, businesses, and government can be accomplished for each site and the net of the power generated subtracted from the power used is credited to the user. 
The recent Federal Tax overhaul included continuing the renewable energy investment tax credits.
Rotarian John Daily combined has 25 years of law enforcement, two degrees in mechanical engineering, and years of teaching traffic accident investigation to create a fascinating program of film and discussion of vehicle crashes between trucks, buses, and automobiles.  He presented pictures of various staged crashes where the vehicles were equipped with instruments (and crash dummies) that measure the effects of the impacts.  The big take away is not to be involved in vehicle crashes, wear your seatbelt, and watch out for the other guy while you drive responsibly
Rotarian Brian Siegfried organized a panel from our Jackson Hole real estate firms.  The panel included Katie Colbert Brady (residential) Michael Pruett (commercial) and Dan Visosky (vacant land).
It was a data based presentation with some very important numbers.  Sales transactions peaked in 2015.  There was a rush of sales at the end of last year; One hundred and sixty million dollars of real estate was sold in the last two months of 2017.
Commercial real estate follows residential sales.  There were $146 of commercial real estate sales in 2017, 56$% of that value was in the town of Jackson.  The demand is for office and restaurant space. 
Dan noted that there were 75,000 acres of non-government lands in Teton County; 32,000 has been developed, 23,000 is in conservation easements, and 20,000 is undeveloped.  The highest value of a block of land was $17.9 million for 72 acres in Bar-B-Bar.  Lots in Shooting Star were listed at $3.8 million for 1.4 acres.  Construction costs were approaching $500 per square foot.
Thanks Rotarian Brian and panelists.

Rotarian Kevin Olson presented a panel of three managers of local media: Joanna Love, Editor of Jackson Hole News&Guide; Bradly Boner, Chief Photographer JHN&G, and Adam Meyer, Associate Publisher, JHN&G and Jackson Hole Daily.  The panel responded to questions from Kevin and from the floor on subjects ranging from focus on community news, differentiation between community news and national news,  the significant separation of opinion from news reporting as presented in Jackson Hole, and the accountability of reporting on community news as compared to the blur in reporting of the national news media.  The changes in news reporting from print to digital was also covered (70% of readers surveyed every two years still want a print copy).  The panel also mentioned how to get involved by sending email to the editor or using the Jackson News&Guide webpage where a link in the footer of the site will send an email to the paper.  Rotary thanks Kevin and the professional media for a great program.

Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga was accepted as an Honorary Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Fr. Ubald was recognized for his life mission of promoting forgiveness and peace throughout Europe and his home region in Rwanda.
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