Your local Gravenhurst Rotary Club annually supports a myriad of worthwhile causes.

IN THE COMMUNITY:  we quietly help families in need both physically and financially to help them get over a rough time. We support community building assets like our Gravenhurst Community Centre, Rotary Gull Lake Park and a host of other assets and services that benefit our community.  We help through our Endowment Fund by providing students attending accredited post secondary college and university schools that would have no other way to pay their tuition. We help our local hospitals financially to allow them to function more efficiently.

INTERNATIONALLY: we are instrumental in helping wipe out Polio over the entire world, provide bicycles to students in developing 3rd world countries that otherwise would not have a hope of an education, provide temporary shelters, food and fresh water to those recovering from natural disasters.

HOW WE DO THIS: is by putting on fundraising events such as our TV bingo, TV auction and other events throughout the year.  We also accept donations from the public to help us make our community and world a better place in which to live.

WE EVEN LET YOU DECIDE: when you donate here online, the donation form below will allow you to select the area that you would like to see your dollars count!