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Posted on Sep 25, 2018
The Rotary Club of Warrnambool Central celebrated its 30th Birthday with a long lunch.
Last week we celebrated the Club's 30th birthday with a steak lunch, old photos and memorabilia and a fair bit of singing and stories stretching well into the afternoon.  Our President declared the event a success and even suggested we should make the celebrating of the Club's birthday 'an annual event'.  We thank James for sending us these snaps;
Our Charter President with the Club's charter.
Robbo is very impressed with the meal.  He planned to send a full report to Lindsay Bullivant, who was unable to attend.
There was an uncomfortable silence after whoever was speaking said something awkward.
BorĂ© sketched out his plan for the next cartoon.  The bulletin editor considered the legal ramifications.
Robbo and Nooka reminisced.
Behind the scenes the bulletin editor asked our Immediate Past President for legal advice about an upcoming cartoon.  Pip was out of ideas.
Hutto reminisced.
Boré remembered being a young cartoonist defending a series of ongoing defamation suits.
Thanks to Dillo for organising the event, Bruce for collecting all the memorabilia and Trev again for his work on the guitar.  Thanks also to the Central Court for their wonderful hospitality and fine meal.
No doubt the board will consider Lew's suggestion to make this an annual event.