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by John Beks
Presentation to Rotary Club of Warrnambool – 29/1/2019
Goeden avonddames en heren, Welkom tot een historische vertelling van de aankomst en successvolle streven van de duizenden Hollandse immigranten, veel van hun die kozen om in deze part van Australie to wonen.
Are you with me???  After 65 years in Australia, it took me more than 20 minutes to translate that short greeting from my well-worn Dutch dictionnairy. At least that will give you some idea about just one of the problems facing migrants to a foreign country.
(An advance apology: this will take a little longer than our weekly presentations.
But no longer if you take into account your travelling time to get here!)
About 11 years ago, in The Standard, Warrnambool physiotherapist, Dutchman Bore Hoekstra, expressed the sentiment, that there was a need for recording the local history of the early Dutch immigrants some 60 or so years ago : and to do it, before the original settlers fall off their respective perches, without leaving a record of their life-changing stories, recalling their arrivals, their hardships and their distinct experiences in this foreign part of the world.
Overcoming language and cultural barriers and, in some cases, prejudice, they worked diligently to build new lives and forge a place in their local communities, for themselves and their offspring.
This could not have been done without the ready acceptance and co-operation of well-meaning Aussies. Bore's publication is entitled : "CLOG WOGS"- STORIES OF THE DUTCH IN SOUTH-WEST VICTORIA.
Southern European immigrants, by appearance, used to be readily recognized, and quickly tagged as dagoes or wogs.  The Dutch, however, were less readily identified as such, and tended to be more easily merged and blended into their newly chosen Aussie society.
As such, they got involved in their community, be it socially, or in sport or church groups, with most marrying Aussie partners.  
The CLOG WOGS pays tribute to a selection of  7 Dutch settlers, willing to proudly tell their stories, having made their mark and achieved success in a range of endeavours , from business, sport and even politics.  All of their names are still familiar today in their respective local business pursuits.
More than half a century after making the courageous decision to start a new life in south-west Victoria, these 7 families and subsequent generations have become an intrinsic and familiar part of the fabric of our region.
In accordance with the provisions of the Club’s Rules, notice is given that the Annual
General Meeting and election of office bearers will be held during the Club’s meeting
scheduled for Tuesday 13 November, 2018. Prior to the AGM the Club will be seeking
nominations to fill vacancies of President-Elect 2020-2021; Vice-President 2019-2020;
Secretary 2019-2020; Treasurer 2019-2020, and 8 vacancies of Director 2019-2020.
Nomination Forms are available from President Michael Boyd, President Elect David
Brown, and Acting Secretary Gerry Delaney.
Gerry Delaney

Proud to be a dad

After being nominated by my daughter (and subsequently winning the P-2 category) I had the honour of attending the fabulous Father of the Year awards breakfast hosted and supported by Brophy, Rotary, South West Credit, Bunnings, The Standard and many other prominent Warrnambool organisations. The event was also very well supported by the many involved schools, upstanding political figures and local councillors. There is no doubt that every dad in the room was beaming with pride. It is a very special experience to be involved in something like this, knowing you are there because of your child’s submission. For me, it was a very humbling moment and I was incredibly proud to be part of it. From the initial discussions with Ian Cairns at Brophy and the friendly Brophy crew through to the event itself, it has been a remarkable and memorable process. I do very much hope the region continues to support this valuable program because I think as dads we really do wonder sometimes if what we are doing is ‘right’ and it was comforting to sit and listen to other dads and see that we all share very similar experiences and doubts undertaking this fatherhood gig. I think it is fair to say that the dad role has seen plenty of change particularly over the past 30 years and maybe even more so in the last 15 or so. Being a dad is a complex role as we balance work, society’s ever-changing expectations, emerging family structures and parenting trends and through it all our constant desire as dads to navigate it all and be the best we can for our children. I always find it somewhat amusing that dads seem to have this inherent non-verbal language that all other dads relate to. It is evident particularly at school pick up or school-related events (in my profession as a teacher I get to see this perhaps a little more often).  It’s the knowing smile, the dip of the hat, the wink or roll of the eyes that all dads quickly relate to and empathise with. It’s the loving awkwardness and at times semi-embarrassment fused with the over-riding pride in our children that we all adhere to, all while maintaining, or trying to, some semblance of parent composure. It’s a language we all speak, no matter what our backgrounds are or vocations and it is a common thread that binds us.

This had never been more evident to me than recently when the Principal Daniel Watson at Woodford (a fabulous school we are privileged to have our children attend) organised a dads social gathering in response to the highly successful and consistently well attended mum get togethers. On paper, it looked like an unlikely group with an incredibly diverse range of people coming together that suggested this may be a somewhat short lived event. But it was a fantastic evening for all who could attend, and the common bond? Dads. Yes, we are all on common ground through our aspiring endeavours as fathers and turns out it makes for a pretty impressive basis for a social gathering.

As a proud Dad, I feel like we have won the lottery after moving to Warrnambool. In the three short years we have lived here, I am constantly reminded of just how great the community spirit is and how it embraces all who call it home. My wife Lucy and our two children Hamish and Heidi are a close-knit family and we have had to be as our immediate family are all overseas or in Tasmania. But the community really does feel like our family. We are blessed to be raising our children here, have them attend a fantastic primary school and we are truly blessed to call this part of the world home.

Father’s Day this year has been a particularly proud moment for me as a result of the Warrnambool regions Father of the Year Awards. Because of the work of Brophy, Rotary and all the supporting organisations involved we have a program and community that recognises and values all the remarkable and unremarkable achievements that us dads do. We make mistakes, we no doubt embarrass our kids on a daily basis, but we love and cherish our children in a way that only a dad can truly understand.  

Ian Leonard, Warrnambool

The following letter was received from a family who stayed in our Camp Quality unit at Surfside 1. 
Dear Linda and Ashley,

We wish to thank you and all the people /organisations involved to make our Warrnambool stay a very pleasant, happy, full of adventure one.

Attached there’s some photos at the Carnival,minigolf, the great show of Flagstaff and flagstaff village- highly recommend.  It’s a great show.  Kids were mesmerised both with the information provided and way the laser and show were set. A truly great experience.

We had really great weather in Warrnambool, so obviously a visit to the beach was a must!!!

Thanks sooo sooo much for such a great cabin.  It’s walking distance to everywhere.

The staff at Surfside Holiday Park were very friendly and helpful.

God bless you all for the hard work and great experiences you manage to provide us(mums/kids living with cancer) with.


Karen xxx
On the weekend of Saturday November 11 the Warrnambool Rotary Club provided lunch and dinner for 54 Camp Quality people. This comprised  22 adults 25 children and 7 volunteers.The age bracket of the children varied from 2 years to 14 years.  The Rotary Club provided 9 members and one exchange student, Ben. We cooked a large range foods to satisfy a hungry group of people. Some of our guests had special dietary needs.
As the Camp Quality project is one dear to our club it always gives us great pleasure to be able to answer their call for assistance.The Rotary Club Members contributed 52 hours of voluntary service to this project. Most importantly great Rotary fellowship and team effort was experienced by all.
On Wednesday 30th August the Rotary Club of Warrnambool held the annual Father of the Year Awards Breakfast. In conjunction with Brophy Family Services and sponsored by Southwest Credit and Bunning's Warehouse the awards aim to celebrate fathers and father-figures who inspire young people to be their best, and to encourage men to be good role-models for young people.
Awards are given to fathers and father-figures in a number of categories based on the age-group of the child nominator, with an over-all winner named "Father of the Year". This year's winner was Daniel McKenna, nominated by his daughter, Amarli. In her submission Amarli wrote of writing a letter to her dad when she was little asking him to play a sport with her. The duo chose BMX and have been actively participating in BMX racing ever since with the whole family now involved.
We are delighted to congratulate Daniel, and all the other nominated fathers and father-figures. 
A great article by The Standard can be found at: http://www.standard.net.au/story/4889431/years-best-dads-named/#slide=3

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