An Update!  June 2019
We have just been notified that our Rotary Foundation Grant has been approved for desks and chairs for the Kaliba Primary School.  This grant was $3,000 of the $12,500 that is required.  The Rotary Clubs of Highton and Grovedale also contributed and our Club provided the balance.
In June 2018, some clubs of the District had contributed with the amount of 8,500 AUD to complete the school construction in Congo (Kaliba Primary School).
The amount collected from clubs (8,500 AUD ) was transferred into ROTARY CLUB OF CORIO bank account. The money was then transferred to them through a bank cheque into FAMILIES OF HOPE AUSTRALIA -FHA- bank account.
As the bank system in Congo could delay the reception of money, FHA being the local organization working both in Australia and Congo, had transferred the money through the Money transfer company named World Remit to its Local Management Committee in Congo.
The first amount of 8,500 AUD had purchased the following articles:
- 115 Sacs of cement for classes flooring (done)
- 304 planks for the completion of external wall covering (done)
- 12 black boards for the 12 classes
- 12 tables and 12 chairs for teachers
NB. 20 desks had been gifted to the school by the company provider as their local contribution to the project
This gift had partially furnished one class with desks whereas 11 others were not yet furnished.
The last step of the project to be funded requests the amount of 12,485 AUD or 8,864 USD to pay and install 230 desks in classes so the all 523 students may have a seat and table to comfortably study.
One desk comprises a set of a table and seat altogether for two students
One desk costs 40 USD or 53 AUD
We thank again all the clubs involved to alleviating the hard conditions of studies for these vulnerable students in the remote area of KALIBA village in the D.R. Congo by providing the remaining amount of 12,485 Australian Dollars to terminate the implementation of the project.