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During COVID-19 we had to find new ways to raise funds and support our community. Thanks to a small band of hardworking Rotarians and volunteers, we successfully launched an online service, collecting and selling second hand items. It's been so successful, we've already made several sizeable donations. Jump on our Fundraising Page to find out more.
My name is Stacy and this year I graduated from university. My major is Management study. After graduation, I have come to Australia as an intern at the Rotary Club of Baikal Eco to get experience in international business and work.
 Today is the 6th day of my internship here. I spent this week in a wonderful place with friendly people - it’s Sovereign Hill. In these five days, I have tried a lot of different work: I wore a 1860s costume and made photos with visitors, helped in the gift shop and with paperwork, made raspberry lollies and toffee apples, conducted surveys and discovered the museum for myself. This place is unique and this is only half of my great internship, which lasts the whole month and is made by my lovely host-mother Lidia Aitken and my professor Vladimir Donskoy. So I am really happy that one year ago I chose to come to this incredible country Australia.“
In a first scientific study of its kind ever undertaken in the Oceania region has led to the development of a National Oral Health program which in turn has led to being endorsed by the Government of Vanuatu.
This Scientific Poster Presentation prepared by Dr. Virginia Williams (Ballarat Dentist) on the National Vanuatu Oral Health Survey 2017, displays the Background, Objectives, Findings, and Results from this 219-page study,
The poster has been accepted by the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD)  and Virginia will be personally displaying and presenting this at its International Congress meeting in Cancun, Mexico this week, Virginia was also a member of our Ballarat West RAWCS team which participated in the Vanuatu National Oral Health Survey in 2017  and surveyed the main island of rural Efate 
Rotary Club of Ballarat West Changeover from past President Barry Henderson,  to the incoming Sue Simmonds
which took place last Tuesday at the City Oval Hotel with more than 50 members and guests attending.
(Not in order)James Chrystal, Amber Townsend, Donna Blenner Hassett, Charlie Farrell, Barrie Henderson President of RCBW, and Shannon Turnbull(AP)RCBW RYPEN PROJECT
The boys from Harcourt Real Estate, Dean Mifsud and Tim Menz, not only did they deliver their Barbie they got stuck cooking and yes they had to endure Rex's babble.
( Go to photo album)
Last Wednesday night the City of Ballarat held a special night with a Bar B, Que for the survivors of the Bunkers Hill fires which happened a week ago, the Council asked the Rotary Club of Ballarat West to cook and do the catering,  we originally asked Council if   the club could help residents with the clean-up after the fires, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to pass the safety regulation.
We were only too willing to help with this event and with a great turn up of our Rotarians who rolled up their sleeves and chipped in, Rotarians are willing to help.
To David Goldsmith.
To the Rotary Club of Ballarat West, we convey our heartfelt thanks.
For the dental chairs and equipment that you donated, we say thank you.
For the manpower and expertise (Peter) that you sent, we say thank you.
For the time you have taken out of your busy schedule to assist us, we say thank you.
For the kind hearts that give generously may God bless the hands that give so generously.
The department of the Solomon Islands values the partnership between your Rotary club and this Country.
We look forward to ongoing dialog and commitment to realize the combined mission for improved oral health service in the Solomon Islands.
All the best and best regards from us.
My name is Anastasiia Osmolovskaiia, but friends call me Stacy. I live in a nice, warm and cozy city of Irkutsk, which is located in Eastern Siberia near Lake Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake in the world.
 I would like to thank you for the great opportunity to be part of the unique internship “Watch & Learn & Do. “My personal love in Irkutsk is the Siberian-American School of Management of Irkutsk State University. Currently, I am working for my undergraduate BS degree here. My major is Management. I am a senior student, and  I love to learn about business and I am always looking for new opportunities.
When I am not studying, I like to spend my free time at home. My family is, Mom and I, she always supports me and helps to be successful in my busy student life.
Travelling inspires me the most, it encourages me to never stop dreaming and search for the best. Also, trips are a wonderful opportunity for taking photos. So, my two hobbies are interrelated.
That’s why another thing that I expect from the Rotary "Watch, Learn and Do", the internship is an opportunity to explore Australia. Over the past two years, I was really keen on visiting Australia because of its unique location and culture. I want to explore this continent, to see Melbourne and its environs with my own eyes. Also, I would love to visit the Great Ocean Road, Eureka Tower, Albert Park, and Lake and a place where I can see kangaroos and koalas. All these places must be amazing! I also would like to tell you about my personality.
I don’t have brothers and sisters, but I have 3 cousins, two uncles, aunt, and grandma. We love to get together for family celebrations and some weekends. By the way, my Mom and I never feel lonely because we have our lovely pets, They are two dogs,  little cute sisters. They are Yorkshire terriers. Their names are Kim and Kiara. They are really nice.
 (Extracts from Anastasia's profile, she is looking forward to arriving in Australia and will go into detail when she speaks to our Rotary club of Ballarat West.)
Rotary Club of Ballarat West Dentist Dr. David Goldsmith and specialist dental equipment engineer Peter Copp PHF are just back from 5 days at the Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital. They brought 9 dental chair/operating units and other equipment to complement a program started over two years ago with Gus Dominguez from the Rotary Club of Berwick and Vanuatu dentist Felipe de Lemos. Contacts were established at all levels of health services.
This Rotary project will herald a new era for Oral Health in the Solomon Islands.
However, there is no shortage of trained dental manpower. Whilst there are 40 qualified Solomon Islands dentists, all being paid for full-time work, there are only 5 public dental surgeries in Honiara. Many dentists are often working just one day a week, or less. In addition, there are 15 more Solomon Islander dental students on scholarships in Fiji and PNG waiting to graduate! 
When completed this Rotary project will triple the dental facilities in Honiara.
 An ideal building within the hospital grounds has been offered to Rotary by the NRH executive with enough rooms to set up a completely new National Dental Clinic at the NRH. The hospital has neither the funds nor the expertise to equip a new dental facility, but the Rotary Club of Ballarat West has over 20 years’ experience in doing such work in Tonga, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Part of the building is currently occupied by the Diabetic unit, but they will shortly be relocating to new premises. The dental department is optimistic it will then be able to take over the whole building which includes renovated toilets, laundry, and reception.
This is a joint project of the combined Rotary Clubs of Ballarat West and Berwick, and the Rotary Club of Honiara and is registered RAWCS project.
Eight A-dec Cascade dental chair operating units with curing lights and scaler connections (replacement cost >$250,000)
16 dental stools, large amounts of general medical supplies, plus 6 sewing machines
A further shipment of dental equipment, furniture, and medical supplies is planned to go from Melbourne DIK in conjunction with Essendon Rotary club in July.
Dr.Goldsmith said. "I am confident when completed this will be one of the best-equipped buildings in the whole hospital. The dental staff is very excited at this prospect.  A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health, and the Rotary clubs of Honiara, Ballarat West and Berwick and the RNH has committed to all ongoing funding, wages etc. to make the project sustainable."  
The Hazards of Volunteering for Clubs
Photo:  (Gutted out house  of an elderly widow on Finches Road Bunkers Hill.)
Photo: By Alan Marini.
Alan Hives.
At our last weekly meeting of the RCBW a summary of a recent investigation of the needs of Bunkers Hill residents was tabled at the meeting after the recent fires which gutted houses and sheds of local residents.
It was suggested that the club would help with the clean-up and clearing the timber not only on the ground but also to chainsaw the burnt-out trees and the mending of fences especially for the residents that were unable to deal with the aftermath of the fires.
All went well till Fire Fighter and long-time member of the club Alan Hives intervened to give the club some guidance on the proper procedure that should be carried out, and to limit ourselves on the removing of the burn out trees, staying,” that it is a professional’s job such as the SES and the likes.”
As Webmaster of the RCBW I asked Alan to better inform us as a club so we wouldn’t blunder into a situation that may harm members, and give the club some guidelines as to how to approach such a situation.
 From Alan Hives:
Hazardous trees
Trees, as part of their natural life cycle, drop limbs and can fall.  This can be due to a number of causes including wind or flood but age, pests, and diseases also weaken the structural integrity of trees over time.  A fire, especially a bushfire can cause structural damage to trees making them unsafe and exacerbate existing conditions. A fire will often weaken the root system and the soil around trees so otherwise healthy trees can fall without their normal support.  This is a dangerous hazard that can potentially cause serious injury and death.
 In a fire situation, this creates a hazardous risk for emergency services personnel, landowners and visitors due to a fire and ongoing through the recovery stage. Tree hazards are a risk at all stages of operations, from active suppression, mopping up and patrol through to recovery. The CFA in identifying the hazard has a work practice in place that excludes firefighters from working under or near burnt trees until they have been inspected by qualified people and made safe.  In some cases, they cannot be made safe and personnel is excluded from that area. For the most part, only those areas where people need to be, along roads, control lines, working and living areas need to be fully assessed and treated if necessary, to make safe.
Treatment of hazardous trees can range from some judicial pruning to removal to mitigate the hazard depending on the situation.  That work can be done by hand or machine.  Initially, it is a matter of keeping clear of the dangerous trees, those that are hollow and burning or have limbs on fire.  It is necessary to keep at least two tree lengths back to avoid any knock-on effect of a falling tree.  The most dangerous trees are typically made safe with heavy machinery.  There is really little choice but to remove the most dangerous trees where there are people living and working close by.
 Everyone plays a role in managing tree hazards including property owners although only specially trained, experienced and qualified people can properly identify the potential of a tree to be hazardous.
Photo; By Alan Marini. Fire rages beneath 20-meter high pine trees.
The City of Ballarat has taken charge of the Bunkers Hill recovery program and will inform our members of the duties we can perform in safety, Members should keep in touch with Secretary Lidia Aitken for details.  

Photo: Brendan and Elise Murphy Joel and Barry Henderson RBW President. 
Joel Murphy the 2018-19 exchange student to Senora returned from the United States of America happy and safe, he gave the Rotary club of Ballarat West a rendition and an account of his travels last Tuesday at our Weekly meeting bringing his Mom Elise and Dad Brendan.
When asked what stuck in his mind most about the trip, he replied.  Would you like cheese with that?
“It’s true about Americans they have cheese on everything, “and with that, he took the club members on his journey.
Joel will give his story for publication to the club at a later date
Last Tuesday 26th May 2019 The Rotary Club of Ballarat West had the pleasure of inducting two new members in Martin Hughes and Rae Pang.
Photo: Lidia Aitken Secretary Martin Hughes, Barry Henderson President, Rae Pang, and Pam Engwerda club photographer. 
On November 15th. 2018 I attended the launch of the Vanuatu National Oral Health Study and National Oral Health Policy in Port Vila, Vanuatu 2017 on behalf of the Rotary Club of Ballarat West.
 In the words of the Vanuatu Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonda MPH, ”It is a great joy to present this ground-breaking   2017 National Health Survey of Vanuatu”. David Goldsmith.  

On Tuesday night March 21, 2019, the Rotary Club of Ballarat West ran another successful Wine Auction, the auction was attended by over 80 people with a spirited bidding duel taking part between the bidders.
Sadly, at the end of the night, Auctioneer Barry Bedggood announced a 20 year affiliation with the auction would cease, saying I would like to thank everyone who has been associated with successful staging of the Ballarat West Wine Auction over the 20 year span, I may also add that my wife Marie who has also helped over the years and my partner in auction Dr. John Richmond will also take a step back to allow new blood to take over the auction.  
“The first wine auction was run in my year as President in 1999/2000 as an experiment to raise much-needed funds,” Barry said.
“Previous to that we had wine tastings that everyone eventually lost interest with the concept.  So, I came up with the idea of the Rotarians donating a couple of reasonable bottles of wine.”
“Running a night that consisted of a dinner and then auctioning off the donated bottles back to the Rotary members for a slightly inflated price, and calling it a fundraiser.”
“We then realised that if we increased the numbers, we could increase our profits.    Each year it grew bigger and better.  We then finetuned it even further, and we began to realize that it’s a numbers game.”
It’s all about the numbers of bums on seats that make it work.
 “History now shows that if we choose an organisation that will come to our wine auction and brings a table or two, they have a drink or two, and as they relax and unwind they buy a few bottles.  It spreads the load from only the Rotarians buying the wine, and that all makes a fun night.”
“Over the 20 years, our Rotary Wine Auction has returned close to $150,000, to our club coffers enabling the club to put it all back into our local community.”
“The only condition was, it must be spent on things that will help our local communities and organisations each year we ran the Auction, and that community gets one crack at it, thus spreading the money into different communities.”
“So, the time has come now for both John and myself and my good wife Marie, to hand over the baton to some younger members.  20 years is a long time, and we all have enjoyed being there and doing it.
This doesn’t mean the Wine Auction is finished, it just needs new custodians with some fresh ideas, and we will still support it in into the future, “Barry said.
Pictured: Threesome did an outstanding job: Barry and Marie Bedggood, and Dr. John Richmond.
Every person involved with the Wine Auction should be congratulated with their efforts, as it was a huge success and it could not have been pulled off without you all.
Wine Auction – a 20 Year Milestone

Where has it gone? The proceeds from 20 years of Wine Auctions have made a significant contribution from RCBW to the local community.  
Exactly how much has been raised, who have been the recipients of those funds and what difference those funds have made to improving and enhancing the lives of individuals in the local area is incomplete.   
That information forms part of the history, traditions, and values espoused by RCBW.  It forms part of the character of RCBW that we, as current custodians of those values, cherish and seek to build upon.  
The commitment and contributions of members of the Club in supporting the Wine Auction over 20 years needs to be celebrated. It is in the DNA of what we are today and the legacy we carry forward.
When some of that history is missing, a little bit of us is missing.
It is incumbent on us to account for our Rotary activities so that future Rotarians can look back and be proud of the service of the Club. 
By Alan Barham.
• A total of 71 guests enjoyed the wine auction organized by the Rotary Club of Ballarat West.
• These guests included The Mayor, Cr. Samantha McIntosh and husband Greg, Deputy Mayor Cr. Daniel Moloney, representatives from Her Majesty’s Theatre, invited guests, members of the Rotary Club of Ballarat West and their partners
• The event was held at the Yacht Club on Lake Wendouree and was extremely successful 
• 94 lots were auctioned and sold for a total value of $6,700.
• A hamper was donated by Rotarian Joy Taylor and this raffle raised $504.
• The auction was organized and conducted by Ballarat West Rotary Club members Barry Bedggood and John Richmond with the assistance of Barry’s wife, Marie. With support from other members of the Rotary Club, these three have been conducting the wine auction in its current format since 1999.
• Prior to the change of format in 1999, the Rotary Club of Ballarat West raised funds through bulk wine sales however, the quality of the wine was sometimes poor and the support declined.
• Over the 20 years, the wine auctions raised over $137,000 these funds have been distributed to organizations such as The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Shelter Boxes for areas affected by natural disasters, Ballarat Day Stay Centre, Avoca Group CFA, Life Education Van, Safety Shelter, SES, Pinarc and Sailability
• The  $6,700 raised from this year’s auction is to be donated to Her Majesty’s Theatre to assist with the restoration works plus an honour board to be placed at the foyer of the theatre for to honour the people and organisations that assisted with helping of the restoration of our great lady known as "Her Maj".
• Four bottles of Her Majesty’s labeled gin were donated and auctioned with each bottle selling for over $100. Cr Daniel Moloney described how these bottles were from the local Kilderkin Distillery in Ballarat.
• Auctioneers, John, Barry, and Marie were thanked by Rotarian Ian Rowe, with a small rendition on the events over most of the 20 years and for their contribution, then presented them each with a parting gift.
• Due to the success of the evening, the wine auction will certainly be a feature of the Ballarat West Rotary Club’s fundraising efforts in the future.
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