2017-18 Committees
Strategic Planning   
Chair: Gord Nielsen
Members: Curran, Doty, Fellows, Helmer, Hutchinson, Meadley, Phillips, Portelli, Rhodes, Semkow, Smellie, Stevenson,M. Walton, Wolochatiuk, Wyjad
Description: This Committee is responsible to attend to all of the administrative aspects of the operation of the Club including reporting to Rotary International, maintaining club bylaws, filing any regulatory returns etc.  
Chair: Gord Nielsen
Members: Anthony, Broland, Cox-Godfrey, Harvey, Scott, Smellie, Stevenson
Rotary Centre Operations 
Description: This committee oversees management of the Rotary Centre for Youth and attends to the maintenance of the facility. Includes long range planning to meet major maintenance needs such as replacement of physical plant. 
Chair: Dylan Scott
Members: Borland, Corbett, Cox-Godfrey, Fox, Hunter, Kirkpatrick, Nicholson, Wyjad
Member Participation and Attendance 
Description: Tracks weekly Club lunch meeting attendance and tracks activities for members who require make-ups from missing a lunch meeting.  Arrange at least one 100% attendance meeting based on Rotary International rules.
Chair: Ruth Bell-Towns
Members: Archibald, L. Brouillette, Cox-Godfrey
Description:  Arrange speakers for weekly lunch meetings.  Provide a gift for the speaker.
Chair: Donald Smith 
Members: D. Brouillette, Clark, Gillis Davidson, Mascarin, Phillips, Tilley
Public Relations/Technology 
Description: This committee manages the Club's website and all other aspects of the Club's public image - including efforts to get media  coverage of club activities and projects and to make the public aware of Rotary. The committee recruits members as required in order to produce the weekly "Hub" bulletin and or to compile and submit articles to local press. 
Chair: Brenda Rhodes
Members: Gillis Davidson, Griffin, Hutchinson, Kelley, Meadley, Reprich

Citizen of The Year 
Description: Committee selects annual Rotary Citizen of the Year award winner. 
Chair: Doug Marshall
Members: Akinbinu, Cox, P. Hammond, Kitchen, Miller, Tickle, Tilley
Family Of Rotary 
Description: This committee focuses on the wider family of Rotary including spouses of deceased members, honorary members, and also remains abreast of developments affecting current members and their close family, such as major illnesses or injuries etc. The committee ensures invitations are extended regularly for all members of the Rotary family to participate in events and maintain contact with the Club. 
Chair: Nancy Cox-Godfrey
Members: Cox, Forsyth, Kelley, S. MOntgomery, Rickard, Robinson, Tilley
Seniors Focus
Description: In addition to assisting in the organization of our traditional Seniors Lunch, the mandate of this committee will be broadened to find ways for our club to serve this important demographic of our community over the entire year, somewhat similar to our Youth Focus Committee.
Chair: Cheryl Kelley
Members: Davis, P. Hammond, Newroth, Quemby
Membership Retention & Engagement 
Description: Develops & implements plans to ensure existing Rotarians remain with the Club, maintains attendance records and reports attendance to Rotary as required. 
Chair: Jacqui Semkow
Members: Davis, Borland, L. Brouillette, Mascarin, S. MOntgomery, Nielsen, Polak, R. Walton
Welcome/Sgt At Arms 
Description: Co-ordinates hall set up for meetings, including speaker technical needs, collects meal charges, greets & welcomes members at the door, and greets visitors. Takes attendance, issues & collects fine money. 
Sgt-At-Arms: David Brouillette
Members: Anderson, Archibald, Fellows, Forsyth, Gillis Davidson, Kirkpatrick, Marshall, Quemby, Reprich, Robinson, Rubio-Cotte, Towns and All "Red Badge" members
Description: Develops & organizes programs and social events for all members including Change of Officers, Charter Night, and special activities such as boat cruise, golf get togethers, BBQ's, etc.  
Chair: Paul Mascarin 
Members: D. Brouillette, Fellows, Harvey, Quemby, Tickle
Membership Recruitment
Description: This Committee develops and implements a plan for recruiting club members. 
Chair: Richard Borland
Members: Akinbinu, D. Brouillette, Doty, Harvey, S. Montgomery, Quemby, Smith, Wolochatiuk
Major Ticket Draw 
Description: Plans and carries out the major ticket draw held in the summer of each year.  Includes obtaining lottery license, selecting prizes, printing and distributing tickets, collecting revenue, maintaining a bank account and coordinating sales teams and drawing the winning tickets.  Prepares a final summary report.  This committee commences after the previous year’s committee completes their summer draw and it remains active through the summer of the next Rotary year. 
Chair: Dave Stevenson
Members: Bell-Towns, Nielsen, Smellie
Duck Derby 
Description:  Sell tickets to Duck Derby held at Canada Day event.
Chair: Andy Fox 
Members: Caughey, Crockford, Kelley, Meadley, Reprich, Scott
Canada Day Coordination
Description: Co-ordinates all July 1st events, and arranges sponsorships of same. The coordinator recruits additional individuals to handle specific tasks, eg. managing vendors, VIP arrangements & service etc. 
Chair: Steve Meadley
Members: Augustine, Denbok, Harvey, Helmer, Nielsen, Portelli, Rhodes, Semkow, Smellie, Wilton
Boat Race Subcommittee: Doug Marshall, Caughey, Phillips
Fireworks Detonators 
Description: This Committee plans and executes the Canada Day fireworks show. This includes purchasing & storing fireworks and supplies, and ensuring enough trained & licensed individuals are on hand. Additional recruits are arranged to set up and clean up . 
Chair: Gabriel Rubio-Cotte
Members: Archibald, Augustine, D. Hammond, Rhodes, Smellie, Stevenson
Golf Tournament  
Description: Coordinates the annual Rotary Classic Golf Tournament including selection of a course, establishing rules of play, soliciting prizes, collecting revenues, managing the event including additional games and an auction. Tournament has been held jointly with the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst. 
Chair: Greg Corbett 
Members: Anderson, Augustine, Caughey, Clark, Kirkpatrick, Nicholson, Phillips, Semkow, R. Walton
Charity Gaming 
Description: Managing Nevada Tickets at Taylor Road MACs.  Investigating and organizing possible Chase the Ace game. 
Chair: William Akinbinu
Members: Cox-Godfrey, Scott
Ball Hockey 
Description: Plans and carries out all aspects of the annual Rotary Ball Hockey Tournament. 
Chair: Ron Nicholson
Members: Borland, Clark, Corbett, Denbok, Quemby, Rhodes, Rubio-Cotte, Tickle, Wilton
Human Support 
Description: The mandate of this committee is to provide support to individuals within the community and/or organize programs or activities to benefit and assist those in need. 
Chair: Paul Hammond 
Members: Archibald, L. Brouillette, Caughey, Curran, Doty, Hunter, Wolochatiuk
Rotary Cares Subcommittee: Paul Hammond, Borland, Curran, L. Brouillette, Doty
Blood Donors 
Description: Provides volunteer base for blood donor clinics locally held six times a year.  Six Rotarians help donors who have just given blood by providing beverages and food, ensuring that the donor is well enough to leave and maintaining donor card information.
Chair: Barb Hunter 
Members: Anthony, Gillis Davidson, Reprich, Semkow, Towns, Wolochatiuk

World Community Service 
Description: This committee identifies international community service projects and co-ordinates the Club's participation in same, including arranging the funding through club funds and grant applications. The committee also arranges member participation in the projects, and in some cases participation by students from our community. 
Chair: Linda Brouillette
Members: Akinbinu, Anderson, Augustine, Fellows, K. Montgomery, Newroth, Portelli, Rickard, Rubio-Cotte, M. Walton, Wyjad
Foundation Programs & Fundraising 
Description: This committee plans the club's Foundation giving, including contributions to Polio Plus. 
Chair: Margaret Walton
Members: Akinbinu, Miller, Polak, Towns, R. Walton
Polio Subcommittee: Ron Walton, Miller, Robinson, M. Walton
Description: This committee plans and manages all aspects of the annual Rotary Musical. 
Chair: Jean Polak
Members: Bell-Towns, Cox-Godfrey, Crockford, Hunter, Hutchinson, Semkow
Santa Claus Parade 
Description: Committee is responsible to plan and manage our participation in the annual Santa Claus parade. 
Chair: Jon Denbok
Members: Anthony, Clark, D. Hammond, Reprich, Stevenson
Christmas Trees 
Description: Purchase and then sell Christmas trees more as a community service and fellowship then to make any profit.
Chair: Al Helmer
Members: Anderson, Caughey, Denbok, D. Hammond, Wilton
Annie Williams Park 
Description: Rotary Club of Bracebridge representatives on the Town of Bracebridge Annie Williams Park Board. Report to the Board on activities at Annie Williams Park
Members: Anthony, Doty
Description: This Committee is responsible for planning the club's management of the Rotary Centennial Gardens. 
Chair: Deb Griffin
Members: Corbett, Galbraith, Holsgrove, Hutchinson, Jacob, Kitchen, Newroth, Tickle
Description: Committee plans the club's environmental activities to ensure we make a positive contribution to the local environment and play a significant role with respect to environmental issues in our community. 
Chair: Neil Hutchinson
Members: Anthony, Davis, Fox, Harvey, Helmer, K. Montgomery
Youth Focus and Youth Vocational Service 
Description: Monitor and present the "Service Above Self" Award for two high school graduates.  Provide cash awards for "top of class" awards at high schools.  Monitor awards for Nipissing University and Georgian College.  Select students to attend RYLA conferences.
Develops & implements plans to promote vocations and Rotary values through mentoring, business assistance & exchange of information. 
Chair: Keith Montgomery
Members: Crockford, Davis, Fellows, Galbraith, Griffin, Kitchen, Polak
Adult Vocational
Description: Develops and implements program to recognize a local business that best exemplifies the Four Way Test and Rotary Code of Conduct. 
Chair: Darcy Hammond
Members: Bell-Towns, Fox, Galbraith, Crockford, Curran
Student Exchange 
Description:  Recruit outbound exchange student to send to another country and arrange for accommodations and counselling of inbound exchange student from another country for one year stay or a short-term exchange.
Chair: Susan Montgomery
Members: Mascarin, K. Montgomery, Nicholson, Rubio-Cottee, Wyjad