Join your neighbors in a patriotic display while supporting local and international causes!  
Flags are delivered to display a week for 5 flag holidays.
Memorial Day
Flag Day (June 14th)
July 4th
Labor Day
Veterans Day (Nov 11th)
Sales for Veteran's Day, November 11th, are closed
We now accept Sign-ups for the 2022 Flag Program!
Your first flag will be for Memorial Day, 2022
2 Payment Options  -  Annual Lease is $50

1. Pay online - Pay $50 for the whole of 2022 -  Fast, secure way to pay. 

 Please use this link to be directed to our payment portal where you can pay securely with credit card and provide your address and contact info 


2.  Write a Check - Pay $50 for the whole of 2022

.Include this form with your check. We'll invoice you next in January 2023.
Payment must be received by May 1st, 2022, for a Memorial Day flag.
Coppell Rotary Club Flags
P.O. Box 125
Coppell, TX  75019


We deliver to most areas of Coppell.  Check our Service Area Map to see if your neighborhood participates. 

Email us with any questions.


How it Works


  • A  ground-level, capped PVC sleeve is installed, 18” from the curb.  
  • The curb is marked with a white stripe so delivery teams can easily find  sleeve.
  • Flag is 3’ x 5’  on a 10’ metal pole.
  • Flags and sleeves remain property of the Coppell Rotary Club

Delivery and Pick Up

  • A team delivers the flag to your home each flag day and picks up at the end of the display period.
  • Flags can be brought in overnight, if you like.  However, flag must be back out the next day and flying the evening before pickup.
  • If raining, flags remain in place until dry.  Teams will be rescheduled to pick up.

How funds are used

  • We partner with civic and youth groups to deliver over 1,300 flags. They receive a portion of your lease dollars to support their programs.
  • Funds also go to our club’s many causes including the Rotary Foundation, schools, need-based scholarships and youth leadership training. We also provide local support for families in need through Metrocrest services.

Payments must be received at least 2 weeks before next flag holiday (4-5 weeks for Memorial Day) to ensure adequate time for installation and processing