Oct 28, 2020
End-of-Life Doula - what she is, does, and why this information may be viatl for you and your family
Nov 18, 2020
Building Community and Health Equity Through Food Forests
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MURC Member Weekly Assignments
Date: Greeter/Note-taker/Editor
Aug 26: John/Virginia/Carole
Sept 2: No meeting
Sept 9: Carol S/Carol CH/CarolCH
Sept 16: Bob/Jean/Jean
Sept 23: Jerry/Lori/Lori
Sept 30: Mark/Carole/Carole


Russell Hampton
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Club president Erik VK welcomed members and our guest speaker Michael Allen.  Erik reminded members that they can join our Zoom meetings early each Wednesday at 11:45 for social time.  Please refer to the schedule for our new meeting feature called "member moments."   We look forward to any information members wish to share through member moments segments.
There will be a club meeting next Wednesday, Oct. 7, at noon with a speaker to be announced.  Please watch for Erik's regular email announcement. in advance of the meeting.
Carol Cline Hedblom was welcomed back after she and husband Bruce were involved in a car accident earlier in September.  Wishing you good health, Carol!!
Carole P reported on the District 5950 Local Grants Committee on which she, Carol C-H and Jean W serve.   Since July, the committee has approved over $139,000 in grant funds to area Rotary clubs sponsoring local community and small (under $30,000) international grants.  The committee has an additional $83,000 in funding available this fiscal year.  The donations Rotarians make to the organization each year come back to us in the form of funds for grants to implement service projects that improve people's lives here and around the world.
  • Virginia Brooke talked about a picture frame that was a gift from Mahmood Zaidi and his late wife, Ingrid.  Virginia treasures it, and has a put a family picture in it.
  • Mahmood noted that his late wife's estate is wrapping up, and thankfully, his health is improving.
  • Kriti Agarwal was happy to see her Rotary friends on the call today, and she is looking forward to our speaker's talk about her time in India.
  • Jean held up a copy of the Wallin Education Partners yearbook, which includes a Rotary page, and an article about our new Rotary scholar, Gabrielle Bell, recipient of the new George Floyd Memorial Rotary Scholarship.
  • Tim Murphy noted $273,000 was raised to End Polio Now.  He thanked our small AND mighty club for its contributions.
  • Jerry Yanz was hiking along a Mississippi River path, when his wife tripped on a tree root, and slid down an embankment all the way into the river!  When she was safely back on the path, she noticed her wallet/phone was missing.  Jerry waded into the river, and found it!  Bravo to both!
  • Erik van Kuijk received a Paul Harris pin, with a diamond, in the mail in recognition of Erik's recent donation. 
  • Carole Peterson thanked everyone for their brag donations, which she will collect.
  • Carol Skulstad told about the recent tornado in her area, Robbinsdale, and she thanked Carol Cline-Hedblom for her concern about Carol Skulstad being without electricity for over a day! 
  • Carol also mentioned she had seen a picture of Lori Simpson and Jean participating at the Rotary Club of North Minneapolis event to package new mom and baby kits. 
     Find Jean and Lori in the group picture below.  :)
Today's Speaker Kathleen Grube -
"A Year in a Life and a Life in a Year"       

In August, 2019, Kathleen Grube headed to Kota, India for a gap year through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. She began her exchange year in India as a girl freshly out of high school.  She went to India as a learner and as an ambassador.

In her eight months abroad, she experienced more, traveled farther, and challenged herself more than she had ever done in the first 19 years of her life. Ms. Grube shares, "This was not just "a grand adventure in my life," this was "THE grand adventure OF life." Ms. Grube saw herself grow and change as she got to experience the beautiful country of India. 

As she lived with her host families, she consciously chose to immerse herself in each and every available experience - family life, community life, and religious life.  She participated in traditional dance, Hindu religious ceremonies, new foods, and much more.

Ms. Grube is a person who loves learning new things, meeting new people and embarking on new adventures, off the beaten path.  Ms. Grube will be a freshman this fall at Gustavus Adolphus College. She is 19 years old and lives in south Minneapolis.

Editor Lori Simpson at