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Have fun and serve humanity!  The Minneapolis University Rotary Club is a “small and mighty”, diverse group of  local professionals in a global network of 1.2 million Rotarians in over 200 countries who are committed to improving the world. Through Rotary, we work together on local community projects and we link with Rotary International for service on almost every continent.  Rotary expands our own leadership skills, personal connections, and forges lasting friendships here and around the world.
Rotarians can work on local projects, go on trips to international project sites, and participate in Rotary friendship exchanges around the world.
Who is eligible to join Minneapolis University Rotary Club?
  • People who want to make their community and the world a better place.
  • People who want to be part of a local club and a world-wide organization with maximum impact to effect long-lasting change.
  • People who enjoy being close to the University of Minnesota community, whether or not they are University employees or graduates..
Our close connection to the University of Minnesota, provides access to some of the most dynamic, accomplished, and dedicated people in Minnesota, who regularly join our weekly meetings as speakers and guests. Our members have connections and affiliations with other important contributors to our community. Our outstanding programs provides a rich experience for our members and guests.  We are striving to grow our club to include students and other community leaders who want to make a difference.
What does it cost to belong?
Rotary dues are $364 per year.  We meet 3-4 times every month at noon. There are opportunities to give to Rotary and the following are tax-deductible:
  • The Rotary Foundation – the foundation of Rotary International
  • Minneapolis-University Rotary Service Foundation – our club’s foundation
  • Occasional fund-raising requests – giving aimed at specific projects
What is the expected time commitment?
We always say, “At first you get into Rotary. After a while, Rotary gets into you.”
The time you spend in Rotary makes Rotary part of who you are, what you do, and your commitment to local and global service. The regular opportunities include our weekly meetings and occasional social and community events. Networking, catching up on friendships, learning something new each week from our speakers—it all serves to “make your day.”  There is no attendance requirement. Rotarians participate at the level that fits their schedule and lifestyle. Some members are away from Minnesota for significant portions of each year.
Opportunities to attend Rotary meetings in other cities and countries is a benefit of membership.  – and there are 34,000 clubs around the world!
Please contact our membership chair for details. Visit the Rotary District 5950 website serving clubs in the west Minneapolis suburbs and central Minnesota.


Interested in being a sponsor?
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