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Meeting Date: March 21, 2018

John emery, islamic resource group

Minnesota Muslims Up Close

John Emery completed intensive study of the Arabic language in the US Army.  He served as a translator and interrogator for nine years, including service in the United States, North Africa, the Persian Gulf, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  John worked for Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, NSA, FBI, DIA, and other agencies. After his honorable discharge from the US Army, John completed his B.A. in Global Studies at the University of Minnesota.

John is currently a speaker for the Islamic Resource Group, a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to building bridges of understanding between Minnesota Muslims and the broader Minnesota community.

This presentation will cover the basics of what Muslims believe and do, with a special focus on the demographics of Minnesota Muslims.  The presentation will dispel some common myths and misconceptions about Muslims, and highlight the similarities between the Abrahamic faiths.


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Unique and Bold in the Rotary World
  • Ellen bragged about the trip out East last week, thanking Randi for coordinating it. They accompanied eight law students to New York City and Washington, D.C., while dodging the two Nor’Easters that hit the East Coast while they were there.
  • Mike thanked Carole for taking notes today with a generous contribution to brag-a-bucks.
  • Virginia noted the March 24th demonstration scheduled for the State Capitol on the issue of gun control.
  • Erik noted the passing of Stephen Hawking at age 76, who outlived his diagnosis of ALS and prognosis by decades.  He was able to take care of himself and encourage strides in health care for ALS patients.
  • Randi brought a Quaker pin for Clint from the East Coast which said “Love they neighbors, no exceptions.”
  • Sarah returned last week from a trip to Spain in which she happened upon, and took part in, the International Women’s Day march in Madrid. And, she bragged that she just started her new job at the University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Chuck presented Clint with a pin from “down under” after returning recently from Australia and New Zealand.  The pin, he said, shows the bumping of noses, a way of acknowledging friends, which Chuck tried while there—to no avail!
  • Clint thanked his pin presenters and noted that Dr. Carol Johnson spoke at our club when he (Clint) was president.
  • Willie welcomed his fiancée to the meeting, Ms. Carol Johnson, and recommended that everyone take in the film “The Black Panther," citing especially its black actors and the role of women in the film.
  • Carole bragged of seeing “The Black Panther" also and welcomed our guests.
  • Jerry welcomed his friend and our guest speaker Joanna Eckles.  He said he saw her enthusiasm and knowledge when she led a group of budding birders on a bird-watching walk in the woods.  And, she sees things in the trees no one else does!

Have fun and serve humanity! Joining Minneapolis University connects you with a “small and mighty” group of diverse local professionals and a global network of 1.2 million Rotarians who are committed to improving the world.  Through Rotary, we work together on local community projects and we link with Rotary International for service on almost every continent.  Rotary expands our own leadership skills, personal connections, and forges lasting friendships here and around the world.

Rotarians can work on local projects, go on trips to international project sites, and participate in Rotary friendship exchanges around the world.
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615 Washington Avenue S.E., Minneapolis

Washington Avenue is open for limited vehicle access. If traveling by car, take I-94 (from either direction) to the Huron Blvd. exit and turn left on Washington Avenue. Proceed to the corner of Washington and Walnut. Turn right on Walnut and an immediate left into the Graduate Minneapolis Hotel valet parking.

The Green Line is now open for service and the Graduate Minneapolis Hotel is easy to access from either downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul. Green Line trains arrive and depart every 10 minutes throughout the day. Take the Green Line to the East Bank rail stop which is less than 1 block away from the Graduate Hotel. Fare: $1.75

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