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November 2023
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Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Legion Hall at Madeira Park
12829 Lilies Lake Rd
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Home Page Stories
President Sarah Johnston congratulates Lyn Charlton, as October’s Rotarian of the Month.
Lyn amplifies Rotarians in Action. As the Youth Chair Person, she has been the liaison with both the Madeira Park Elementary School an the PH Secondary School. Promoting the school lunch programs and advocating for the youth exchange program. She was instrumental in completing the Madeira Storybook Walk, and making the Art Crawl fundraiser a financial success. 
Her seemingly endless energy now focusing on her Spreading Kindness Christmas Campaign.
 Tickets available now for this annual event. Five course gourmet meal and gratuity included. Limited tix, so reserve early.

September was Basic Education and Literary Month, and on September 23rd. after months of preproduction the PH Rotary Club, marked the occasion with the unavailing of their Storybook walk. The grand opening was held at 11am with cookies and juice for the children.

The Storybook Walk is intended to create opportunities for children and their families to read and stay active.

 A series of 22 pedestals wind away along the paths in Tyner Park at Lily Lake, with captions that centre on physical activity and literacy,. The trail starts from the pathway entrance across from the Pender Harbour Health Centre; beside the parking lot. Books will be rotated on a regular basis.
Hard working volunteers made this day possible.
Mirelle Parr, and Michael Parr on a learning adventure along the Storybook Walk.
Bill Charlton presents
PH Community School Executive Director,
Cheyenne Howitt, with a cheque from the Pender Harbour Rotary Club for $5000. The cheque completes the total Pender Harbour Rotary Clubs’ donation of $30,000. towards the new Community School building
On Saturday August 26th, a group of volunteers completed the next phase of our storywalk project placing the pylons and mounting the frames along paths in Tyner Park.
After months of preparation, and planning the story book walk is nearing completion.
Jim's finger dexterity with the bagpipes translated into him being a maestro with the excavator used to carry the heavy pylons to location. The pylons needed to be levelled on a gravel base and placed in position before finally mounting the frames. Thanks to Bill, Jim,Len, Sean, Jon, Malcom and Guy for the heavy lifting and to Lyn for taking care of the crew and snapping the pictures.
Thanks to Don White for the loan of his bobcat and to Niels for the use of his trailer to haul the pylons from Sarah Wray Hall to Tyner Park.
Also special thanks to Bob Fielding for use of his excavator and to KER Enterprise for donation of the gravel.
The PHSS PAC received $1,083 for the 2023 graduation ceremonies. Funds raised through the Feb & Apr. 50/50 Gaming funds.
In addition a bursary of $2,500 redeemed through the 2023 calendar sales has been awarded to PHSS student  LeiLani Blundell. 
Truth and Reconciliation event on Friday, at Lions Park August 25th at 10:30 am.  
A informative and memorable presentation by Chief Craig Craigan (hiwus) to our Sunshine Coast Rotary Clubs, telling stories of early  Pender Harbour. 
kalpilin Pender Harbour was the location of a winter village site of the the shishalh Nation.  Judging by the wealth of archaeological evidence, the local population in 1800 was greater than it is now. The shishalh people were highly industrious during the summer months, fishing for salmon, hunting venison and gathering berries, all of which were dried for winter use. They built large dugout cedar canoes and huge communal longhouses (up to 800 feet in length) with separate family compartments divided by cedar screens. 
The name ḵalpilin is the shíshálh name for the location of present-day Pender Harbour. For the shíshálh, the place name ḵalpilin has been associated with the use of the region to shelter from the wind and rough seas; in winter.
Winters were a time to celebrate, and Pender Harbour was the gathering place for Nation. Dances and potlatches lasting weeks or months, spiritual coming-of-age rituals and performances by medicine men helped to pass the long cold months. A severe smallpox epidemic in 1862 nearly eliminated this thriving people, and the introduction of the residential school system was an attempt to destroy what was left of their culture.
Pender Harbour Rotary President Sarah Johnston presents a cheque for $539. to Carole Logtenberg of the Madeira Park Elementary School PAC, for their school lunch program. The first of two cheques raised through the club’s monthly online 50/50 draw.
President Sarah Johnston congratulates Kathy Ritches as Rotarian of the Month.
Kathy’s meticulous service as treasurer has been invaluable in preparing the clubs budget for 2023/24.  In addition, her sales skills secured a record number of sponsors for the clubs recent Show & Shine, raising over $8,000 for future club projects. Way to go Kathy!
We had a very successful, and fun, Show n’Shine on Saturday August 13th. Temperatures soared and so did sponsorships & donations. A near record 72 cars & motorcycles participating in the fun family event. 
Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to ensure success – to Sean, Kathy, and Lorraine (the organizers and do everything workers), to John, Carolyn, and Barb, who worked the tables, Ian who helped set up and take down, and to Malcolm who stood at the entrance and directed traffic for a HOT 4 hours in the morning!  
Thank you to the students, Kaleigh, Luna, and Noah, who sold more Rotary 50/50 tickets than the Legion’s 50/50 draw!
Sarah, President, Rotary Club of Pender Harbour
A heartfelt shoutout to theRotary Club of Pender Harbourfor supporting our community! These wonderful folks are helping make a difference in the lives of women and children with experiences of domestic violence through their May and June Rotary Rocks 50/50 community raffle fundraisers - raising $494.92 for Yew Transition House! This generous contribution will help provide essential resources, support, and care for women and children seeking refuge and guidance at Yew Transition House and via the 24/7 Access Line. Thank you!
Vicky O’Rourke, 
Sunshine Coast Community Services Society on behalf of the Yew Transition House.
Photo from left to right: District Governor Shirley-Pat Chamberlain, President elect Sarah Johnson, Past President Jane Blaiklock and Assistant District Governor Ross Cooper.

Let’s welcome the new Board

Past President Jane Blaiklock gave a brief outline of her 2022/2023 year, successes and disappointments (which were few). Jane then handed the gavel over to President Sarah Johnston, who gave an overview of what she wishes to accomplish in 2023/2024.

The floor was then given to DG Shirley-Pat who installed the new Officers and Board of the club.

A delightful summer evening get together was held at outgoing president Jane Blaiklock’s stunning waterfront home. Her husband,   Dave, grilled salmon to perfection, whilst attending members provided accompaniments.
Our new honorary member Lucy Archbold
Lucy has been the club treasurer for over ten years. Thank you for your service, and enjoy your retirement. 

Dear Rotarians,

Thank you so much for your generous support of April Tools 2023!  The sun was shining, the crowd was large and enthusiastic, all the paddleboards floated, and the teens proved themselves to be really good swimmers.Plus the little kids used up all 120 or so of their boat hullsand most of the odd pieces of wood to complete their creations!

After all the hard work involved in getting an event like April Tools together, it is truly heartwarming to see our community come together as sponsors, volunteers, participants and happy spectators. Thank you so much for providing the much appreciated BBQ and for sharing your profits with us. It is support like yours that allowed us to put on April Tools 2023. We think our 20th year was one of our best!



Jackie Ordronneau for April Tools and the Pender Harbour Living Heritage Society

 What a day!
Photos courtesy of the Coast Reporter
The 20th Pender Harbour April Tools boat building challenge was a fabulous day for both weather and attendance. 
Our hardworking crew of Rotary volunteers witnessed a sellout day, serving up over 168 burgers and 138 hot-dogs.
The Pender Harbour Rotary Club wants to recognize IGA Maderia Park together with store manager Matt MacDonald, for their role in this year's April Tools barbecue a resounding success...
IGA's generosity is so appreciated in our community!
Rotarians in Action; Niels, Lyn, our president Jane, Lucy and Lorraine spent a busy day at the barbecue.
Our amazing Chief Neils, served up 165 hamburgers, 130 hotdogs, and 33 pounds of onions in 3 hours! 
Pender Harbour High School students Kiara and Sarah, where helpful assistants, distributing the soft drinks & chips.
The Rotary Barbecue tent.
April Tools adult race.
Pender Harbour High school students participate in the silly boat challenge.
Pender Harbour Rotary Club donates $1086. for the PH Graduation Ceremonies.
Anne Pino, Chair of the PH High School Parent Advisory Committee, accepts a cheque for $1086.93 from PH Rotary President Jane Blaiklock.
Proceeds where raised through the club’s monthly 50/50 draw, and now it’s your chance to WIN too!
Buy your tickets now for the May 50/50 draw. Go to:
Or Google; Rotary Club of Pender Harbour 50/50.
Proceeds from the May 50/50 draw will be donated to Yew Transition House in Sechelt, which supports women in cris on our coast.
Yew Transition House offers a safe haven for women throughout the Sunshine Coast. 
The fear of abuse affects women in any community, regardless of all social, economic, racial and ethnic groups. Yew Transition House provides refuge in times of crisis, to women of all ages with or without children, where their choices will be respected. 
Last year, 25 Sunshine Coast women and 25 children where supported through transitional housing, and 688 phone calls where responded to via the 24/7 Access Helpline.
For more info on the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society Yew Transition House  sccss.ca