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We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Kalispel Golf and Country Club
2010 West Waikiki Road
Spokane, WA  99218
United States
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Assistant Governor John Guarisco visited our club with updates on our district events.
This week our club learned about the Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center from Korin
Michielli, Development Director. The Guild School is perhaps best known for their annual Penny Drive,
one of several fundraisers conducted by the school.
The Freedom Project has been operating for 2 years at Airway Heights Corrections center. Kathy DuCrest has been facilitating the 16 week program in Nonviolent Communication. She says this same program is implemented at the United Nations and in schools in war torn countries. There is a 34% decrease in recidivism in the population that partakes in this program because the men coming in are highly motivated to make change.
Larry Krauter CEO of Spokane International Airport and Felts Field spoke this week to our club. Their byline: GEG Generating Economic Growth. He outlined some of the Federal and State regulations and issues that make his job so interesting. 
  Our club just donated 100 T shirts from our Lilac Century Bike Ride to Teen Challenge. What a great way to take care of our surplus and make it a blessing to teens with little.
Local Scams and Fraud was the topic last week with Kristin Davis the Marketplace Director for the Better Business Bureau. She noted our Rotary 4-Way Test banner hanging in the dining room and said she uses those very same core principals when teaching ethics class to youths. 
Chief Jack Cates of Spokane County Fire District #9 spoke to our club and his guest was board member Tom McGarry. Together they told the story of Fire District #9 which serves 120 square miles of the north end of Spokane. They receive approximately 5500 calls a year from a population of 44,000. 
The fire district is funded 100% by property taxes which come in via a regular levy of $1.50/1000 and special levies to make up the deficit, all approved by taxpayers. Chief Jack said he has 70 career fire fighters and 100 volunteers and these cover 9 stations. They also offer advanced life support and paramedic services 24/7. Some of the benefits to the taxpayers are: 
CPR and First Aid training
Blood pressure checks
Sports event standby
Labor organization
Christmas on Fire program = 500 coats for kids
Demo Day and Open House
Fuels Mitigation Program 
They have become one of the most admired fire districts in the state because of their financial conservation. One of the premiere showcases is not only an in-house maintenance program but, they also save funds for future truck and equipment purchases. This it seems, is quite a novel idea among  his peers. 
Our newest member was inducted Thursday ... Marilyn Highberg. Marilyn is a retired school administrator from School District 81.  Marilyn is not new to Rotary, she was a long time member of the Hillyard Rotary Club. Please take time to welcome her into our club. 
YMCA and District Governor Elect Bev Reed presented this week at our club. These two youths, Gabby and Josiah are recipients of educational opportunities through our local YMCA. Josiah has been attending Gonzaga through the ActSix program and will be going on to law school.  Gabby has been part of the Youth and Government Program. Act Six is a leadership development and college scholarship program that brings together diverse, multicultural cadres of emerging urban leaders who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home. How encouraging to hear from both of these students.
PJ Waters, author and Past President of Rotary Club 21 spoke to us last week regarding Inland Northwest Community Foundation and their efforts in our region. They professionally manage and invest the donors' charitable dollars and assist them in awarding grants and scholarships from their funds. They manage 500 funds including 100 agency funds adding up to $112 million in assets investment pool for endowments. They have distributed $62 million since and 1975 and $5 million in grants in the 2016-17 year. Their motto is connecting people who care with causes that matter. 
Elliott Briggs spoke to us as a docent of the Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum located at Felts Field, Spokane. The museum is explaining the past for our future. He had interesting historical photos of early aviation in Spokane which began in 1910 plus, WWI the trained pilots here, including the Lafayette Escadrille. He said that WWII was the genesis of air force and naval aviation. Also, he highlighted the all woman assembly line in the facility here. 
Honor Point is a center where unique aircraft and rare technology representing the evolution of aeronautic engineering are presented in the context of individual lives and important events.  Honor Point allows those who understand historic aircraft and their significance to share their irreplaceable knowledge. Honor Point Military & Aerospace Museum occupies a prominent site at historic Felts Field in Spokane and is a place where personal stories come alive with interactive exhibits representing aviation and military science.
Just this month, we've inducted two new members into our club. Karol Price is transferring in from Spokane South Rotary and Emery Krahn is transferring in from Deer Park Rotary. Please take time to welcome them both into our club. They will both be great assets to us.
Not only is Sherill Pederson our new Club President, she's also a Paul Harris + 1. 
Foundation Chair Mike Dalessi presented the award.
Our club member Jim Roeber recalled an event for us when he was involved in the July 4, 1974 Trans Pacific Yacht Race. That's from California to Hawaii using the great circle route. There were 60 boats in 4 classes entered into the race and of course, there were trials and tribulations. There were gale force winds of 45 knots, 4 hour watches during the day and 3 hour watches at night, they were heeled over between 30 degrees and 40 degrees at one time with no electricity. Their navigation was done by RDF and sextant only. What a thrilling race it was. Jim said, "You never stop racing 24/7." Thank you Jim, it was wonderful to hear.
Last week we held our annual Installation Dinner to change leadership within our club. We met at Beacon Hill Event and Catering thanks to member Peter Rayner who is the owner. Here are a few of the great pics to commemorate the event.    
Our President Brent and our Rotary Club honored Rex Reed as the Rotarian of the Year. This was last week at our annual induction dinner. Rex is a hard working guy, always willing to help. He served as Club Foundation Chair for 25 years and Club Administrator for 30 years. Where's Rex? On vaca in Montana. Well done Rex! We so appreciate you!
June 22nd Pastor Matt Goodrich from Newport WA captivated us with one story after another. His theme was to have reverence for one another. He said his passion is for people. Respect is a deep and profound respect for someone or something. Pastor Matt notices that people want to define him, want to know which church is his, what theology, put him in a box and label it. He objects to that and instead chooses to respect all people. He said Rotary is displaying reverence to all and it is so needed in our culture and our world right now. 
His dad once pricked his finger and then talked about the blood oozing out, saying it runs in all of us. Our skin and it's color is just window dressing, we're to pay attention to what's inside of each one of us. Do not give in to irreverent people. 
"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."
Our club President Brent Mathison was telling us a fish story ... I suppose since it's his last meeting, we can cut him some slack. What do you think. It was such a big fish, I couldn't get it all in my camera lens. LOL
Rogers High School Principal Lori Wyborney and Assistant Principal Marty Rubinette spoke at our club in June. They were highlighting the ways they have used grant money to raise the standard and expectations of students at their school.
We have yet another member in the spotlight with a Paul Harris pin. This past week Foundation Chair Mike Dalessi honored Dr Frank Walchak with his Paul Harris + 4 pin. What a great achievement Frank and, congratulations for all your contributions to the Rotary International Foundation!
 Last week Foundation Chair Mike Dalessi presented Paul Harris awards to two more of our members. Secretary Hanne Young received her PH + 2 pin and President Brent Mathison received his PH + 1 pin. Congratulations to you both for all your efforts toward the Rotary International Foundation.
Foundation Chair Mike Dalessi presented Past President Karen Heppler her Paul Harris +5 pin. This represents $6000 that Karen has donated to the Rotary Foundation. Good job Karen! This is what keeps funding all of our wonderful projects both here and around the world.
Pride Prep, the 1st charter school in Washington, presented to us last week. Brenda McDonald the District Superintendent and Johnny Whitmore her Ops Manager came to our meeting. They are challenging the status quo and using 21st century curriculum, teaching the students to adapt and solve problems. This includes personalized learning, workshop projects and a hands on skill set.
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