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PK Rotary News Stories
Dean Kovacs, Chief Information Officer at Energy Northwest, provided an overview of the threat posed to individuals, companies and nation states. He discussed the aspects of distance, time, motivation and coordination in the dark web.  US interests must always be on the alert for cyber attacks.  The Russians appeared to be motivated by money while the Chinese are gathering information for future use.  North Korea has become a major player on the dark web.  Nuclear power plants and other utilities are primary targets in cyber warfare.   Energy NW has hired consultants to attempt to break the electronic barriers in the company.  Some attempts are directed at employees opening unauthorized emails.   Others target operations.  
He warned of problems associated with Wi Fi and Bluetooth in homes.
Another successful year for the Rotary Duck Race held on the Columbia River in Kennewick Washington.  Rotarians sell duck adoption tickets to support the community.  Paul Miles was our "top duck sales person".   Way to go Paul!!
Washington State Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib honored our Club as the guest speaker.  He explained his role as the Lt. Governor.  His primary duties include First President of the State Senate.  Since he is blind, an electronic system was installed that allows him to recognize speakers before the floor.  He has the responsibility to make appointments for 55 boards and commissions.  Additionally he runs the Small Economic Development Agency where he focuses on business development and business recruitment.   He strongly believes a college degree is the secret to success while at the same time supporting the trades. 
Having been a Rotarian he fully understands the importance of service clubs.  Service above Self is a motto that needs to be applied to government and across the country. 
Zach Larsen, Tom Thompson, Chris Fuerrero and Flavien Sawadoga were our speakers for today.  Each member provided his personal story.  Zach a Rotarian in Yuma initially had a career with the Boy Scouts of America.  Recently he has become a Life Coach.   Tom is a senior member of the Club and joined in 1989.  He served many years as an appraiser.   He is a Past President of the Tri-Cities Booster Club.  Chris, a new member, has an extensive career in Law Enforcement.  His accomplishments are too numerous to list here.  He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.   Finally, Flavien was raised in Burkino Faso where he attended a boarding school at the age of 11.  He eventually attended the University of Idaho where he graduated as an architect.    His career has contributed to many major projects.  Among these is the renovation of Kennewick High School. 
The Club diversity makes us a fun and interesting organization.
Felix Luna, an attorney with Seattle Law Firm explained a Yakima Case where an innocent man spent ten years in a Washington State prison for an offense he did not commit.  He explained how the Yakima Police Department took shortcuts for a conviction.  Felix is a member of Innocence Project Northwest.  Eventually Mr. Bradford was found innocent following his prison term.  Felix’s Law Firm wanted to take the case to the next level and identify the actual perpetrator.   Following private investigation, the brother-in-law was identified.  Today Mr. Bradford has cases pending with Washington State and the police officer investigator responsible for the conviction. 
William Cobb’s hobby is speed racing at the Utah Salt Flats. His 1950 Chevy has the original body, but the interior has been modified to break speed records.  He completed most alternations in 1965 and registered the car during 2015.   During 2016 he attended his first speed test and did attend again this year.   The record for his class is 131 MPH and so far he has reached a speed of 117 MPH. The car is heavily modified to meet safety standards and has a seven-gallon tank.  The race fuel cost $105 for a “fill up” this year. Greg Schultz is his crew chief.  
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