PK Rotarians Rang the Salvation Army Bells at Fred Meyer in Kennewick.  Tom Thompson demonstrates the correct techniques for maximum donations.  It's all in the wrist apparently. 
Dr. David Bond returned to PK Rotary for an update on the most recent Kennewick School proposed Bond.  During the 2009 Bond the emphasis was on elementary schools while the 2015 bond concentrated on middle schools.  This upcoming bond has emphasis on high schools.  In brief the Kennewick High School opened during the 1951-52 school year.  Both Kamiakin and South Ridge High Schools have classroom portables.  The Bond would replace most of Kennewick High School and make modifications to Kamiakin and South Ridge High Schools.  Additionally, every three years Kennewick’s population is growing requiring another elementary school.  Elementary School #18 is proposed in this Bond.   
What will it cost homeowners?  For $200K of assessed value the tax would be $5/ month.  Dr. Bond reminded us that in outyears our taxes will decrease because the State is paying a greater share for education. The Supreme Court has ruled the State needs to play a greater role in supporting education.
Dr. Noah S. Oblath of PNNL provided a presentation on “Dark Matter”.  The discussion of unseen dark matter began during the 19th Century.   Solid evidence was discovered during the 1930’s.  Galaltic Rotation Curves, Gravitational Lensing and Bullet Clusters have been used during research.  A pie chart of the universe indicates that dark matter is about 24% of the universe.  More recently the Axion Haloscope has been used to study dark matter. Overall the presentation discussed (1) what is dark matter, (2) what is axion and (3) how does ADMC detect axions.
PK Rotarians volunteered at the Second Harvest facility on Wednesday the day prior to Thanksgiving.  Six hundred and fifty-five lunch packets were assembled for school children to be consumed during the holidays when school is not in session. Each packet contained food for several meals.  The Pasco and Spokane facilities support approximately 250 food banks.
Pasco Kennewick Rotary writes another check.    This time Crystal of Rebuilding Mid Columbia receives a check for $500.  The rebuilding days are during the months of October and April each year.  The organization sends 10-15 teams to the community to complete a variety of projects. Recently funds were used to build a wheel chair ramp for Joyce.
Dr. Jay Zuroff, a member of PK Rotary, was our speaker today.  He gave an update on four patients receiving orthodontic care from him.  Jay volunteers his time and PK Rotary supports his efforts by paying for supplies etc.
It is difficult to believe he can take severe cases with patients having crossbites, crowding teeth, and alignment issues.  One patient received special approval from the Rotary Board.  This patient was 20 years of age with primitive dental work done in Mexico.  It took the cooperation of two dentists to repair this young man’s mouth.
His patients are  afraid to smile prior to his work.  Following Jay’s care, they can’t stop smiling.  Dr. Jay Zuroff is a person of action and we are honored to have him in our Club.
Thanks Jay for all the good work you do!
Dr. Anthony Brooks was our guest speaker today and he spoke on the subject of low level radiation.  He states that most equate radiation with fear.  In fact low level radiation is more of a friend than foe.  He attended the September 30, 2018 meeting where scientists discussed this topic.  The subject was the Radiation Dose Response Model.
He demonstrated where Nevada was the test site of over 100 nuclear explosions and Utah was downwind.  Today Utah has among the lowest levels of Cancer.   As one looks at the map with cancer exposure, the greatest areas are in the South East.  An area associated with tobacco use.   
He states that if one lives in a home with Radon, the best thing one can do is quit smoking.  The impact of Radon is insignificant. 

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