The Forte Show Choir received a $250 donation from the Club while the Club received an excellent Christmas Concert.  The Choir is comprised of high school students throughout  the Tri-City area.   In addition to schedules presentations, they perform throughout the  Area including the Mall and retired communities. The choir has character standards one must posse before being accepted by the group. 
Dr. Andrew Sund, President of Heritage University in Toppenish WA, discussed the role of today’s higher education.   He raised the questions of cost, competitiveness, quality and value.   Higher education is being questioned, but it is his belief that higher education is a great equalizer.  The university was founded in 1982 and its history its unique.   Catholicism had its origin but it is located inside the Yakima Nation.  The decision was made that the university should be open to everyone.  The 790 undergraduate population is 73% female, 69% Hispanic and 12% Native American.
One area of interest is that the Master of Arts and Medical Science program has a high percentage of graduates being accepted to medial schools.   The POC is Diana Eliason at
Dennis Hull of the Pendleton NOAA weather station gave an overview of NOAA’s role in protecting life and property.  It provides data, forecasting and warnings.  The system has 120 offices throughout the United States and territories.  Droughts are caused by El Ninos and the study assists in helping to forecast weather patterns and associated hazards.  On the horizon are HD satellites, automated weather stations, higher resolution computer models, and direct support to large events.   For local weather to go
Jerri Anderson, District Governor of 5080 presented her personal story of joining Rotary.  At the age of 16 she visited her uncle in Florida and noticed he was a Rotarian.  It was her goal to be a Rotarian as well.  She was saddened to learn that only men could become Rotarians.   At the age of 36 she learned that women were becoming Rotarians.  She applied only to discover her classification was full with one other member having the same classification.  At 56 she tried again and this time was warmly welcomed to Rotary.   At 66 she became the 5080 District Governor. 
Her message included identifying conflict and resolving it.   We need to thank each other and focus on fellowship, not service.   We are loosing long-term members because of lack of fellowship.
Kris Troyer gave an update on the eradication of Polio.  Currently there are 13 cases worldwide.  Afghanistan, Niger and Pakistan are the only countries remaining.  Joan Toole, a polio survivor and Rotary District 5030 Chair, recorded a video that gave a history of Polio and her personal story.  With the advent of the industrial revolution, polio became more widespread.  Some communities did not allow children under the age of six in fear that they might be infected.  April 1955, the vaccine was developed and later refined as an oral vaccine.  Rotary International has been at the forefront of eliminating this disease.  Most recently the Bill and Linda Foundation have joined in this effort. The Foundation has agreed to match Rotary’s fundraising 2:1. 
Kris Troyer has volunteered to match Pasco-Kennewick Rotary fund raising, dollar for dollar. Kris simply does not want to see another polio victim.  A dollar raised by PK Rotary will be match by Kris and then doubled by the Gates Foundation.
The Story of Polio and Rotary is at
If you desire to help eradicate Polio go to

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