Our special member, Dr. Rod Coler, was our speaker this week.  He provided an overview of his military experiences during WW II where he served on Miami Beach  (FL) as a weather observer.  He attender Cornell and medical school at NY City.  His residency brought him to the NW where he served at the Veterans Hospital in Portland.  A trip upriver brought him to Kennewick.
His stories need to be recorded.  Buying a home for $40K seemed to be beyond anyone’s ability.  He tried to recruit seven physicians to Kennewick.  Following a dust storm all departed never to return.  Another physician had interest and asked where his office might be.  He was directed to the small broom closet.  He also didn’t return.
During surgery in Prosser, he felt a metal object in his side.  It was the farmer husband’s gun and  the farmer stated, “she dies, you die”.   During a dinner engagement, Rod  hung a stuffed pheasant on a line .  On cue , a guest was to pull a shotgun and fire a blank.  The pheasant
was then to slide down the line.   Unfortunately, another guest saw the shotgun and tackled the  gun holder.
If you have the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Coler’s parties, ask for stories of early Tri-Cities.   
During many meetings we present a check to a nonprofit organization.  The Club specializes in assisting the youth of our community.
Dr. James Conca gave another great presentation this week.  His subject:  Nuclear power.  Washington State has the lowest carbon footprint of the 50 states.  We have accomplished this goal with an abundance of hydro and nuclear power.   He covered the limitation of other forms of energy.   For instance, wind uses a large amount of steel and concrete.  There simply isn’t enough steel in the world to have a heavy reliance on wind. Higher upfront costs and the mileage limitation of electric vehicles are concerns.  Once these factors change, we’ll see many more electric vehicles on the road.  It may surprise some that electric vehicles are “not green” in some states because of the electricity source.   He states that one cannot be green and anti-nuclear.  Nuclear plans are very low carbon emitters.  The fastest growing energy source  is coal with the many new plants in Asia. 
Dr. Lori O-Neill of PNNL provided a brief overview of PNNL’s organization including four locations in the Pacific NW (Sequim, Seattle, Portland and Richland).  The laboratory has 4500 employees and has a mission to transfer world discovery and innovation.  Her area of expertise is Grid and Electricity Infrastructure.  Department of Energy mandates goals and the Lab coordinates directly with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Defense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Homeland Security and Pacific NW Electric Utilities.  The Power Electronics Lab has a key role.   Recently, the Lab received a grant of $15M from DOE for cybersecurity projects.  
Eric Greager, husband of Gail, promotes a healthy lifestyle including running.  Each year he organizes the “Leprechaun Dash” for young students in the Tri-Cities.  Last year 1800 kids ran for the $7,000 prize and six schools split the money to purchase physical education equipment. For many it was the first time to be on the Blue Bridge. Eric received a check for $2000 from Pasco Kennewick Rotary to support the “Dash” to be held on March 10th.  If you desire to assist in “herding cats” contact Eric at sageg@charter.net

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