Tim Velasquez, president of the UCSD Interfraternity Council, has announced that a large portion of the projected $40000 funds projected by the IFC fundraising effort in the coming year will be earmarked for the Wheel Chair Foundation. The attached letter was received by Diego Velasquez from Tim in the past week.

To whom it may concern:


Every year organizations around the nation are doing miraculous things to improve the quality of life for other people through philanthropy.  As part of our mission statements, fraternities and sororities around the nation also take parts in these efforts.  Every year Greek communities around the nation do their part to participate in campus wide philanthropies. 


This year, it is the goal of the San Diego State University Greek community to raise 40 thousand dollars for donation as well as hundreds of hours of community service.  The voting members on our council have decided to give a vast majority of these funds to The Wheelchair Foundation. 


We have a devout commitment to help not only people in the local San Diego community, but also provide a valuable asset to less fortunate families around the globe.  By donating to The Wheelchair Foundation, we will be able to positively affect the lives of people on a global scale.


The Rotary Club has a special connection to The Wheelchair Foundation.  You have worked with them a number of times and have produced amazing results.  It is our deepest desire to repeat similar results.


It is the belief of the members of our council that by working together with your organization, we can have a greater impact.  We are requesting that through a grant, your organization will match our donation to The Wheelchair Foundation. 


We are fully committed to making this possibility a reality.  Let us know of the proper steps we need to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Thank you once again for this great opportunity!



Josh Sheil

San Diego State University    

Interfraternity Council Activities Director

(209) 556-2443



Tim Velasquez

San Diego State University

Interfraternity Council President

(805) 479-5586