The Conejo Valley Rotary Club was delighted to have an extraordinary leader of the Los Angeles Rams, Senior Director of Communications, Artis Twyman, and his adorable family join us for our meeting and be our guest speaker! 
This last February, the Rotary Club of Conejo Valley was so grateful to have had an exciting evening hearing from our guest speaker, Artis Twyman, from the Los Angeles Rams!
Artis Twyman sharing the remarkable story of how the Rams came to Conejo Valley and the future they are building!
Conejo Valley Rotary plans to work alongside Mr. Twyman and the Los Angeles Rams in the future on projects to help those in need in the local and international community. 
Here a photo of Artis receiving a certificate from the Rotary Club of Conejo Valley. The certificate is for a wheelchair the Rotary Club is donating to an individual in his honor!
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