Despite recent bad news about some at San Diego State University, we find a number of students who have performed well as humanitarians. Please read the following story.

The Greek organizations of the San Diego State University presented Diego Velasquez of the Conejo Valley Rotary Club with $30000 for the Wheelchair Foundation at the culminating ceremonies of Greek Unity Night. Organizers of the event included Josh Shiel, Tim Velasquez (son of Diego), Cloe Marx and Jennifer Bjorklund. The Rotary Club of the Conejo Valley and the Wheelchair Foundation thank these individuals and their colleagues in the Greek organizations for their hard work involved in raising this money.

Josh, Tim, Cloe and Jennifer will soon head to Colombia with a group of Rotarians to participate in the delivery of the wheelchairs to recipients.

The Wheelchair Foundation is a non-profit organization leading an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities to promote joy of giving to create global friendship and to deliver a wheelchair to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in the world who needs one but cannot afford one. For these people the Wheelchair Foundation creates Hope, Mobility and Independence.