On our last trip to Haiti, June 2015, with Martin Kendig from Conejo Valley Rotary Club and other members of our team, we visited the orphanage the Paraclets, located up in the mountain, near Port-au-Prince, to give away school supplies. At this time the orphanage had about 80 kids and we found out they did not have enough beds. The conditions were miserable, and our Rotary club decided to start to buy a few iron beds in Haiti, and to go to install the beds on a next trip. And it was done on February 18, 2016.

With the help of local partners, "Haiti Teen Challenge" and the Haitian group "Serve the City" we were able to deliver and install 14 iron beds at the orphanage. The Conejo Valley Rotary Club gave $500 and a generous donor added $200 to manufacture the beds in Haiti. The idea was to provide job for the person who made the beds, and an opportunity for "Haitians to help Haitians". In this case it was helping the orphanage, as unfortunately the orphanage does not receive founding from the Haitian government. When we delivered the beds, we learned that the number of orphans had increased to 92 in 6 month. 14 beds for 92 kids does not seem a lot but it was the beginning and starting-up of a nice project for Rotary and Haitian people.
Metal Bunk Beds - Video