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Port Jefferson

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Cafe Spiga
176 North Country Road
Mt.Sinai, NY  11766
United States of America
(631) 949-5549
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  1. Hand sanitizer:  Michael Scieford
  2. Clorox wipes [generic brand more than o.k.]: Amanda Eckart
  3. Hand lotion: Al Kopcienski
  4. Large print word find books: Tom Donlon
  5. Anti-bacterial hand soap: Pat Sabo, Kathy Taveira
  6. Boxes of tissues with lotion: Jenn Dzvonar
  7. Disinfectant spray like Lysol {generic o.k.]: Sharon Brennan
  8. Magic markers: Dennis Brennan
  9. Crayons: Nancy Uzo
10. Adult coloring books: Nancy Uzo

...DEB ENGELHARDT who celebrated her birthday on November 2nd;  SUSAN HANSON, whose anniversary was celebrated on November 2nd; and SHARON BRENNAN, who will celebrate her birthday on November 22nd and her anniversary on November 25th.   Also, Congratulations and Welcome to our newest members:  CHRIS BUZZANCA, TARA SCULLY, JORDAN CAROLEO, and MICHELLE CRUZ...May you find having joined us to be rewarding, enlightening, and fun!  ;)

" Better a dish of illusion and a hearty appetite for life than a feast of reality and indigestion therewith."

                -Henry A. Overstreet

Today, Rob Dooley, our President-Elect, filled in for President Paul, who was unable to attend.  
Thank you, generous donors to The Open Cupboard!  And thank you, Jim for bringing the goods to their destination.
We welcomed as guests Port Jeff High School's new Principal, Eric Haruthunian,  PJHS Interact Club Sponsor Deirdre Filippi, and three of her students who attended RYLA Weekend this past April and then, under our sponsorship, RYLA Camp in Massachusetts this past summer:  Claudia Koutsantanou and sisters Mattea Rabeno and Michela Rabeno.  Deirdre helped to introduce the youngsters, who have visited us previously, and explained that they enjoyed their spring RYLA experience so thoroughly that when they heard about the RYLA camp, they asked to apply.  The 3 students then took turns as they explained what they enjoyed most about the weekend and the summer camp.  Among their favorite things:  RYLA activities were student-led;  they were among 300 students from all over LI (including Queens & Brooklyn) who underwent the RYLA weekend application process;  in a very short space of time, they got to know well and work closely with young people of all different backgrounds; and everyone involved was very friendly, positive, and uplifting.  It was the RYLA Weekend facilitators who suggested the summer camp experience.  The camp welcomed 120 students from all over.  Among favorite games played at the camp: "If You Really Knew Me...".  As the game began, the students  each told funny stories about themselves and then progressed to a sharing of more serious ones.  Daily 1 hour lectures were given by Mr. Hill, the Camp Director, that sometimes included videos and followed different daily themes, ie., learning the importance of doing things for others without the expectation of reward or repayment, conflict resolution, and understanding and declaring what you're thankful for each day. Every meal was taken at a different table with different people. The youngsters, during all their RYLA activities,  learned how to prepare for a job interview, the importance of giving back to the community, and to improve their communication and organizational skills.  The Rabeno sisters opted to stay for a 2nd week at the camp.  They joined a group of around 37 youngsters, had more free time to explore the area and volunteer, participated in a talent show, and organized a service project.  Their current community project here involves helping Hope House Ministries (1 High St., Port Jeff) in its "Drive for Hope", from Nov. 12-22. This is an effort to collect for their clientele necessities like bath towels, cleansers, disposable cups and dishes, liquid soap, socks, men's & women's underwear, jackets, notebooks, light-bulbs, garbage bags, paper towels & napkins, copy paper, fabric softeners, and facial tissues.  (On the side, the girls are selling Maasi jewelry to raise money for Chief Joseph's projects in Kenya.)  All three RYLArians have kept up the strong bonds and friendships made during the April weekend and at the summer camp, mostly via the use of social media.  All three are hoping to be chosen as facilitators at the 2020 RYLA Weekend.
Today was also the occasion to induct another new member into our club, Michelle Cruz, Branch Manager of the People's Bank, Harbor Office.  Michelle's sponsor, Bob Huttemeyer, helped Rob Dooley with the brief ceremony.  Congratulations and welcome, Michelle!


***The following is a list of donation requests from The Open Cupboard (in order of need)***:

Cold Cereal-

Canned Chicken-

Tuna Fish-

Boxed Milk-

Baby Wipes-

Toilet Paper-






***Kindly select the item that you wish to contribute and bring it to the Collection Day Meeting.  Once a new list of donors and their matching donations is completed, it will be noted above.

***Bring contributions to Cafe Spiga on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, or give to another Club member who will be attending.

*** If you would like to be reimbursed, bring receipt(s) to the meeting.

                  ***Thanks for your community and Club support!***

Remember: A ttending weekly club meetings allows you to enjoy our club's fellowship and enrich your professional and personal knowledge.  If you miss our club meeting, may we encourage you to expand your Rotary horizons by attending make-up meetings at any of the more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in existence- a practice that guarantees Rotarians a warm welcome in communities around the globe.  For meeting places and times, consult the Club Locator at , the RI Web site. Or- you may make up missed meetings on line by going to the Rotary On Line Makeup Link which is listed on our Website Homepage under "Club Links".  And once you've made up a meeting, please be sure to notify Yvette about it.  Thank you.

Goal:To encourage a lifetime of reading for newborns and their families that have utilized the St.Charles Hospital Maternity Facility, by presenting each mother with a newborn reading packet.

At 8 AM, 5/21, Rotarians, spouses, friends, and 16 members of Port Jeff High's Interact Club and PJ Middle School's Honor Society with their faculty sponsors met on the campus of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck to prepare the site for the imminent arrival of campers.

Table: Sal Filosa & Nancy Uzo

Invocation:  Kevin Murray & Kathy Taveira

Sergeant at Arms:  Sharon Brennan & Bill Curry

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