The Rotary Club of the Moriches would like to thank Superintendent Mittleman and the East Moriches School Board for inviting us to present these children’s books on behalf of our club. 
This literacy project, conceived by a few of the club members a little over a year ago, is designed to create and promote inclusion, acceptance, conflict resolution, empowerment and uniqueness. 
Rotary is an International Service Organization consisting of tens of thousands of local clubs all over the world.  
Among many of its other projects Rotary is devoted to the promotion and furtherment of Peace around the globe and the Non Partisan participation of global conflict resolution. 
We hope these books help teach the young children the importance of accepting each other for Who they are, What they think, and What they believe.
Such an important foundation for building world peace. 
Presenter: Dena Aponte 
By her side: Tom Chieffo and Deborah Brown-Volkman