Babylon Village Mayor, and honorary member, Ralph Scordino gave an overview of the status and activities of the Village at our regular meeting on Wednesday, November 28th.
He began by applauding the efforts of all village civic and community organizations and groups whose hard work has helped make Babylon Village a great place to live and work.
Ralph praised the recovery work done by civic and municipal groups following the 2012 Superstorm Sandy, indicating that, incredibly, a few village residents are still awaiting state funds to complete home repairs.
He outlined how he and village officials are trying to make all of their activities and decisions as transparent as possible through weekly board meetings, quarterly newsletters, a 24/7 “open door” policy, and newly-launched, quarterly “Coffee with the Mayor” events at the Village Hall.
Ralph mentioned several improvements throughout the village, including new and refurbished playgrounds, the continuing residential tree planting program, roadway upgrades, Argyle Park restoration,  continuing work of the Babylon Beautification Society, including the recently-erected Bayman Statue and surrounding landscape, and evaluation of new methods of roadway flood control in flood-prone areas.
The mayor spent some time discussing the pros and cons of a recently proposed, new business/apartment/hotel complex to be located in the village. He also discussed location and renovation of new businesses, and possible business zoning changes to help revitalize certain areas in the village.
Ralph concluded by reading a long list of upcoming holiday events in the village, and encouraging everyone to participate.
The mayor is pictured above with Babylon Rotary Co-President Charlie Spencer.