Dr. Lisa McDevitt and Dr. Anne Campogna gave a talk on “Advances in Audiology Technology”at our regular meeting on Wednesday, August 2nd.
. Both Dr. McDevitt and Dr. Campogna are Doctors of Audiology with Ear Works Audiology, in their Bethpage and West Islip offices, respectively.
Dr McDevitt spoke of the importance of regular hearing tests, of the various types of hearing loss and how they affect quality of life, risk factors, and potential adverse drug effects.
Dr. Campogna  spoke of the physiology of hearing and hearing loss mechanisms, warning signs and precautions. She also discussed various types of hearing aids, how they can be customized for individual needs, and current hearing aid technologies.
They concluded with a lively Q&A session, including additional discussion of applicable technologies, tinnitus, cochlear implants, and treatment costs.
Both speakers were guests of Charlie Spencer. They are pictured above with Babylon Rotary President Frank Seibert.