Perhaps I (Steve Bjornstad) should have warned the club - before they elected me President - that I can be a little irreverent.  But it's always in fun and with the warmest of intentions.
At the recent Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA, I had the opportunity to have a meeting in RI's President Nominee, Sam Owori.  He is a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala and I am working with two other Kampala members to create a new clean water/solar energy/health clinic project about 100km north of Kampala.  My friends, Richard Ssekyeru and Herbert Kasiita, arranged with RC Kampala President, Stephen Luwanga, to meet up in Atlanta and to have a short meeting with RIPN Owori.
Well, you shouldn't go empty-handed...and I know from experience that older men in Uganda can get cold feet same as old men here.  So...Navajo-print socks!  They were well received by Sam!
Our meeting was great and we look forward to doing very good things for some communities in the interior of Uganda.  
Joining Sam and I were, District 54395 Governor, Nancy Van Pelt, PDG Craig Wilson, AG Bob Murray, Sun City West President, Dick Stuckey, Mrs Norah Owori, President Luwanga and Rotarian David Kasingwire.  Thank you Nancy, Craig, Bob and Dick!