Posted by Dionna Prow on Sep 15, 2020
I hope you're all looking forward to our meeting at Donna's house.  All details can be found in her email from earlier this week.  We'll plan on meeting the first and third weeks of the month, likely at noon, for the remainder of the calendar year.  More specifics to come.
Two weeks ago we held our first official meeting in 6 months at Posse Grounds Park.  It's nice to get back into somewhat of a normal routine, Luke "Peaches" Sefton even brought his sister as a guest!  In more serious business, since most of our fundraisers have been cancelled for the year, it is important that we come together as a club and come up with alternative ways to raise money.  Our giving and projects for 2020 have been funded from fundraising done in 2019.  However, that means that next years projects are in jeopardy if we can't find alternative fundraising solutions.  Several options have been discussed, including setting up a pledgeable fundraising activity on and inviting all your friends and family to donate.  The activity can be as specific or as goofy as you want, but it needs to be converted into "miles" due to how the website is set up.  Donna has pledged to do laps in her pool and drink wine!  It was also suggested that if you own a business and donated a tee box or supported our fundraisers in other ways that you consider donating that money directly to the club.  Keep those ideas coming!  
Donna has also been working on getting our stuff from storage at Reds (long saga) and has set up a means of paying club dues by credit card.  Please consider this as it makes it much easier on her.  Thanks for all you do Donna!
In happy news, Janie Tribble was presented with her second Paul Harris Fellow, congrats!