Posted by Dionna Prow on Jun 19, 2018

Last week we hosted Alex Rovang from Sedona Recycles.  He gave important information about the state of the recycling industry in our area as well as around the globe.  Contrary to rumors, Sedona Recycles is not closing its doors.  They have made the decision to close some outlying drop off locations but are still going strong.  Recylables are treated as a commodity sold on a market that is subject to quickly changing forces.  One such influential factor is the recent changes to what China, a major purchaser of recyclable material, will accept.  They will no longer accept contaminated materials, often no better than typical trash, and will now only accept clean and usable materials.  This is ultimately a good thing for the goal of recycling, which is saving resources by turning used material into other useful products.  

Please remember to fill out the club survey emailed out earlier this week.  With your input we can make our club even more d ynamic and inpactful for all. 

Our annual installation dinner is coming up next Wednesday evening at Janie's starting at 5:30.  Remember there is no noon meeting next week. 

The next Glow Golf event is coming up on June 29th as long as we get enough interest!  We can always use some help the night of the event so sign up if you can.

RLI is coming up on August 11th in Flagstaff.  Please let Donna know if you plan to attend.





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