Support for Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life is a non-profit volunteer driven organization that hosts weekly community tables in Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg.  The community table provides basic necessities (food, clothing, toiletries etc) in a "no questions asked" environment.

Our club members support the community table in Tillsonburg each week, and also assists with the pickup and sorting of donations.

Additional information on this amazing organization available here:

Memorial Park

The Rotary Club of Tillsonburg supports a number of initiatives at the Memorial Park near the community centre.  Athletic and recreational (swing) equipment was installed at the park along with a number of other locations in Tillsonburg.  Annual cleanup takes place in the spring.  The club maintains a tree nursery near the tennis courts, and has planted trees around the park and in the area.
Plans have been made to support expanding walking paths around the park in partnership with the Town of Tillsonburg.

Support for Tillsonburg Community Garden

The Rotary Club of Tillsonburg is proud to have the opportunity to support the local Community Garden.  The initiative kicked off in the fall of 2021 and will continue in the spring of 2022.
The Rotary Club of Tillsonburg is currently involved in a project to support the replacement of fencing at the Tillsonburg Community Gardens on Bloomer St.  Club members assisted with the removal of the old fence in the fall of 2021.  We will return in the spring to assist with the new fence installation.  In support of this initiative, the club donated $1,000 to the Tillsonburg Community Gardens to assist with expenses related to the new fence.
Youth Projects
Fundraising proceeds are used annually to support a variety of youth initiatives.
High school bursaries, and the Rotary Medal Awards which recognizes two students at the Glendale High School for their leadership and service to the community. 
We also support the Rotary Youth Exchange Program where local high school students spend one year abroad studying the culture and history of that country. Supporter of Rotary‚Äôs Free Reading Program.
The club supported the creation of an Interact Program at Glendale. Annually two students attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Adventures in Leadership, a one week program in Ottawa to learn about politics and to spark ideas as to how they can make a difference.
Rotary also provides a free dictionary to each grade three student in our local schools in Tillsonburg and surrounding area. Additional information on this project is available at

Seniors Projects

Rotary also runs our local Seniors Phone Check Program, supporting Seniors who are living on their own in their homes. Daily calls and a predetermined safety plan for emergency contact information ensures the welfare of our senior population.