PDG John Gilvesy introduced DG Mike Lawrie, a distinguished retired physician in Cambridge.

DG Mike spoke of Looking Back and Looking Ahead and of Rotary's 2021 Theme of "Rotary Opens Opportunity" with the graphic of 3 open doors.  He quoted Sir Winston Churchill "A Pessimist is someone who sees a problem in every opportunity. An Optimist is someone who sees an opportunity in every problem."  Opportunities can arise at any time.


RI President Holger Knaak (Germany) spoke of adaptability, new models of Rotary Clubs and of membership.  We need to grow Rotary sustainably.  Mike spoke of having an Annual Club Strategy Meeting and making use of the resources of the Rotary Learning Centre.  Rotary has created a "Shaping Rotary's Future Committee" to chart Rotary's direction.


The Rotary International budget for 2020-2021 is $123,481,000 USD and the Rotary Foundation budget is $93,000,000 USD.

The Covid Pandemic will be a watershed moment for everyone.  Mike assured us that the District is a resource for Clubs and is there to support the Clubs.


Mike's theme this year is "Taking Care of Self, Each Other and the Planet".  He reminded us that PolioPlus receives a 2:1 Match from the Gates Foundation.  Africa is now Polio Free (3 years without a new case) and only Afghanistan and Pakistan have polio cases.  The Rotary Foundation has added a 7th Area of Focus, the Environment.

Jennifer Jones of the RC of Windsor-Roseland is the RI President Nominee for 2022-2023.


Mike spoke of Rotary's inclusiveness and that there is no place for Racism in Rotary.  Rotary supports our Indigenous people and people of Color.  We support diversity, inclusion and equity.

He also addressed Areas of Opportunity:  Rotaract is now a type of Rotary membership.  Rotary has a partnership with Toast Masters and there is information on the Rotary Learning Center.