Rotary International’s Task Force is creating a critical and timely initiative to help India establish Rotary Oxygen Banks to assist India with the critical COVID-19 crisis they are currently facing.  Our club is collecting donations which will be consolidated with a regional effort for this initiative.
Any amount is welcome.  Time is of the essence.
Donations can be made via Paypal: India Coronavirus Rotary Oxygen Initiative
As the COVID-19 virus surge sweeps India, Rotary International’s Task Force is reaching out for support to change lives. After consultation with the Chair of the India Rotary Covid Task Force the most urgent need is for portable Oxygen Concentrators. These units are portable and will serve many in the coming weeks and months. The price of each Oxygen concentrator in India is approximately US $1000 which includes shipping and handling. The goal is to have the funds purchase at least 100 units if not more. The need is critical.
The Bank would loan an Oxygen Concentrator to a patient in need, with the provision that after the immediate crisis is over, the concerned person would return the Concentrator to the Oxygen Bank. Such a Bank would be of help to many people over an extended period of time. Hopefully, this devastating wave of the COVID Pandemic would abate in a while. After that, the Oxygen Bank would be of immense value for any subsequent wave and would be a sensible fallback option. The Oxygen Bank would also be of immense value to economically disadvantaged individuals suffering from ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) or other chest ailments that require Oxygenation for the patient.”
Due to the urgency of the situation in India this project will be open till the 21th May 2021
Tax receipts will be issued for any donations of $25 or more.