Community Impact Grant
North Scott Rotary (Davenport, Iowa) is a member of a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. Locally, North Scott Rotary serves the greater Quad City area with an emphasis on North Davenport and Scott County, including, but not limited to, Eldridge, Long Grove, Park View, Donahue, Princeton, and Walcott. North Scott Rotarians are members of the community, who meet weekly to build connections and enhance our communities, both locally and globally.
The purpose of our community impact grant is to create lasting change with measurable improvements for people in need in the Quad Cities area. North Scott Rotary wishes to invest in high performing organizations that provide programs and services that align with our mission and vision.
Please use this application as an introduction to the project or program you wish to have funded. This project should create a lasting, measurable impact on the Quad Cities area for many years to come.
In 2022 we were able to award two $15,000 Impact Grants. We awarded $15,000 to Hope Center at One Eighty for an updated community room and another $15,000 to Braking Traffik/Family Resources to aid human trafficking survivors with transportation, safe lodging and other essential needs. 
Eligible Organizations: Any Quad Cities area not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status. All requests are for a good cause, however, we generally do not contribute to: Individuals/groups/organizations that do not reside within the greater Quad City area, groups/organizations that are not formally recognized as a not-for-profit/charitable organization by the IRS, benefits/fundraiser events for individuals, organizations of primarily religious or political focus, private business, business/agency/organizational employee events (i.e., Christmas parties, company/employee picnics, Prom), sponsorships of sporting teams, political fundraising, ongoing operating expenses, salaries, benefits or administrative costs of start-up programming, or operating costs or recurring services.
Guidelines for Request: The North Scott Rotary Club is in search of a project or program that creates a large community impact for maximum of $15,000 that could be completed by the end of June 2024. Capital expenditures are within the consideration of this application (i.e. building, plans, construction, or renovation). An awarded organization will be required to submit interim six-month progress reports once the project has been approved by the board of the North Scott Rotary Club.
Keys to a Successful Partnership:
  • Be sure that your project is consistent with North Scott Rotary’s vision and purpose.
  • Explain why there is the need for this project or program in the Quad Cities.
  • Be specific in your description of the project or program. What will the project be? Where will it happen? How will it impact the community?
  • Have cost estimates mapped out before submitting your request. This should include bids from contractors, cost of materials, etc.
  • Include a budget for the project.
  • Have a timeline for the project in place. When is the project slated to begin? How long will it take?
  • Explain how the project or program will be sustained after the initial North Scott Rotary Club investment. Be as specific as possible.
  • Explain how you will measure the success of the project or program.
Deadline for the Grant Application is June 30th, 2023. 
To submit your grant application or for questions, please contact us at: