Rotary Club of Knoxville, IA 
80th Year
Chartered April 5, 1940
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Service Above Self

We meet In Person & Online
Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Eventually Sprint Car Hall of Fame Museum
1 Sprint Capital Place (Hwy 14)
Starting Zoom again on Sept 2
Knoxville, IA 50138
United States of America
We're meeting by Zoom again. Call T at 908.432.0214 if you have questions.
Home Page Stories
COVID-19 didn't stop the 4-Way Test Essay Contest, although it almost did. Tammy Rankin, Knoxville School District's 5th grade Language Arts teacher gave T. Waldmann-Williams 19 essays on April 30 after T. made a presentation on the 4-Way Test and contest on March 9 to 5 of Ms. Rankin's classes.  After the school closed its doors, on March 13 the project seemed it would not be completed.  However, Ms. Rankin was able to retrieve the essays, giving 19 of the possible 122 to T. who in-turn sent them to Sarah Prudy from the Write Place in Pella.  Prudy developed a rubric and wrote feedback for each of the 19. Each of the 19 received their feedback as well as a certificate of achievement. The 3 finalists were Kaylynne Anderson, Bradley Hembrook, and Peyton Myers.  In addition to their written critique and certificate, they each received two-1/2 hours of coaching to present their essay, 2 journals (one self-directed and the other a guiding writing for the 6th grade), the Rotary coin, and a set of pens good for journaling.  Each presented their essay to Rotarians and guests via Zoom on May 20, 2020.  This project as also a part of the Literacy Project supported by The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Club of Knoxville.
The pandemic didn't stop our club from celebrating the success of 16 scholarship recipients on May 6, 2020. While some recipients weren't able to join us on Zoom, a collage of their graduation pictures was made.  We congratulate these graduates for their hard work academically and for their community service and wish them well as they go on to further their education.  
The 3rd and final book was delivered for 2nd graders to 4 masked school district representatives from Knoxville, Melcher-Dallas, Pleasantville, and Twin Cedars school districts by project lead, T. Waldmann-Williams in mid-May.  This concluded the biggest portion of the Literacy Project grant the club received from The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Club of Knoxville.  In the four school districts, over 650 books were give to 2nd graders (3 books each), ten 2nd grade classrooms, and teachers and others who assisted in completing this project.  Additionally each city library was given the Little Big Book of How, which all 2nd graders received and any additional books that were purchased during the project.   Approximately 25 Rotarians, RYLA-YRYLArians, and Rotary friends participated in labeling, reading to 2nd graders, and distributing.  Besides labeling and distributing the final book, each was sanitized and put in a separate plastic bag because of COVID-19 precautions.  The club would like to thank The Knoxville Public Library Director, Roslin Thompson and her staff for providing guidance and ordering of most of the books.  
210 2nd graders and 10 teachers from the Knoxville, Melcher-Dallas, Pleasantville, and Twin Cedars school districts were presented with Iowa author Jill Esbaum's book "Little Kids First Big Book of How" on January 27.  At each school district, Ms. Esbaum presented how, when, and why she started writing and encouraged the 2nd graders to start writing.  She shared her first story, which she wrote when she was in 2nd grade.  Each presentation was followed by a Q&A primarily from students and some teachers.  In collaboration with Knoxville Public Library, librarians created a one page Scavenger Hunt page that encourages 2nd graders to complete.  Each 2nd grader, upon completion will get a choice of a balsa wood puzzle that includes airplanes, insects, and prehistoric animals.  Knoxville Public Library is also creating a trivia contest for 2nd graders to enter that includes questions related to the book.  Each city library will receive a copy of Ms. Esbaum's book.  The 3rd and last distribution will be in the Spring.  
Rotary Club of Knoxville has a 2019-2020 literacy project that delivers three books to every 2nd grader Knoxville, Melcher-Dallas, Pleasantville, and Twin Cedars school districts. The students received their 1st level appropriate books to assist their development on Monday, November 25 and Tuesday Nov. 26 .  Each book includes the Rotary 4-way test and the student's name.  Rotarians asked questions how the 4-Way test is relevant to the student's everyday behaviors and along with two YRYLArians read to the students.  Iowa author Author Jill Esbaum will be coming in January to talk with 2nd graders at each school and Rotary will deliver the 2nd book to them by Ms. Esbaum.  
Aaron Fuller hosted featured speaker, Jodi Marti, U.S. Army.  Jodi shared her tour of duty at Kosovo between 2016-2018, that included her duties, food, shopping, driving, traveling, culture, politics, and her son's education through K-12 Online.
Several members of Rotary participated in the Panther Walk with the Stepping Stones and West Elementary School.  Several donated water for the event too.
  Rotary Club of Knoxville rebuilt the bandstand at the courthouse 15 years ago (2004) after the first one burned.   President Tyler Christian realized that it needed sprucing up for our 80th anniversary and asked Larry Formanek to lead the initiative.   Members power washed, stained, and Weiller Industries is cleaning the plates.   These are some progress pictures.  Another work day will be coming soon. 
Speakers: Jayette Carter on 2019 RYLA and Jean Berger on Girls High School Athletic Union
District Governor Erna Morain and her husband Steve Morian visited the board and the club on Aug 28, 2019.  President Tyler Christian provided the foundation to learn and DG Morian shared her goals: supporting those with food insecurity (our can monies support this); learning the Rotary Game; Guinness World Record for Presidents passing the gavel; Family Connections, etc.  
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