Rotary Change Over in Style!
Bye Bye Nancy!  Here's Looking at Ya, Joe!!
From the sound of the chatter and laughter on the evening of Wednesday June 30th at Palgrave Orange Hall, it appeared as though everyone was having a great time at our annual changeover night. A celebration of the changing of the guard! It was a pleasure to see everyone dressed to the "nines" on this very special occasion. It was a great turnout appropriate for this very special time.

Colin Nurden was our Rotarian of the Year for all his hard work this year on several different fronts, including:  Many hours spent on Palgrave Rotary Park - what a showpiece for our community; Inspiring us and following through with a now major fund raiser - Palgrave Rotary Lottery Calendar; Initiating many new, and innovative ideas to help us streamline our club meetings as Club Service Director. Great job Colin! Well done and much appreciated.

Our John Davidson Memorial Award was presented by past-president Alan Whike and appropriately handed out by Honourary Rotarian, Ann Davidson to a very deserving candidate - Wayne Cowell. Wayne is one of the founding father's of our club and our resident artistic director who has spent countless hours helping Rotary with so many projects over the years!

Soon to be past-president Nancy acknowledged all the hard work of this year's executive as well as their very supportive spouses:
President Elect - Joe Sheppard and his wife Carole
Secretary - Warren May and his wife Cheryl
Treasurer - Gary Walters and his wife Nadine
Club Service Director - Colin Nurden and his wife Beverley
Service Director - Peter Swain and his wife Val
International director - Janet Gray
Community director - Tom Fuller and his wife Karen
Youth director - Paul Bonnici and his wife Bridget
Past President - Alan Whike and his wife Jennifer
Image and Publicity - Mike Goddard and his wife Maureen
Also special mention to our Master Sergeants - Brenda Robbins and Craig Robbins as well as Membership director - Diether Weeren
and a very special thank you to Cal for all his help and support over the year.

She encouraged those Rotarians who have not been involved in the executive - to get involved. It is a very rewarding experience. She passed the torch and congratulated new President Joe Sheppard.

President Joe Sheppard reminded us that what makes our club so special is the friendship and fellowship that he'll carry on next year. He introduced next year's executive - with the addition of President Elect - Darrell Hudspeth; Treasurer Cal Hageman, Club Service director Doug Nicholson.

Here's to a great 2009 -2010!! and looking forward to 2010-2011!!