President Ron rang the opening bell right on time, even remembered to provide members with a 2 minute warning to re-charge their glasses.  Opening festivities lagged a tad and Bob was heard to comment that the 'Anthem" was suspect!  This brought forth a comment from Trevor that Bob's membership should be re-considered so it was obvious that although we cannot sing the Anthem very well Fellowship is alive and well!  The saving grace was our usual fine version of the Rotary Grace. 

DG Mike had the pleasure of introducing our only guest, and speaker, Brian Harkness who is a former member and now with a club up north an hour or so away.  Brian informed the club that he felt our Anthem was O K and Rotary Grace great!!  Go figure.

President Ron must stay awake at night working on the perfect solution for table order for the buffet dinner.  After tonight's plan he will have many more sleepless nights!  Or should have!!  The twilight zone seems to have settled in around Palgrave. The members seem to listen to Pres Ron and then sort it out themselves.  Either way it works.

P P Diether used some air time to advise the club that our inbound student Victoria will arrive Sunday from Brazil and will initially stay with Diether & Eva.  Victroia will then move in with DG Mike & Karen, her first host family.  P P Diether requested members please keep Victoria in mind for any events or functions they may be attending or planning and please invite her so as to add to her experiences in Canada.  Diether will be her counselor for the year so please contact him if you would like to invite Victoria to an event.

Wayne then addressed the club as our Youth Exchange officer requesting at least one additional host family for Victoria's year, probably May - July next year.  There are 2 non-Rotarian families volunteering so far so we need at least one additional host and if more Rotarians come forward the better as Victoria is a Rotarian Exchange Student!!  Wayne then went on to inform the club that he will probably be moving to Westport ON next fall so we will need a replacement youth Exchange officer.  I for one would like to take this opportunity to thank Wayne for many years of dedicated service to the youth program and the results we have had is a testimony to his hard work.  Bob and Ross immediately made a motion that Wayne cannot leave, passed unanimously!!

Trevor advised the club that he was happy to be back form his summer at the cottage, anyone notice his absence?  Moving right along he then gave his normal comments about dues, VISA, overdue, laggards, I'm back, etc!!  Bottom line being that the VISA machine was set up and just a humming looking for cards.

Warren updated the club with reference to acquisition forms for the silent auction, available at the club as well as on-line.  Start early please, reminds me I must speak to AC for the sim.  Event is Nov 23 so let us get at it!  The club needs to sell 300 tickets and ideally it would be nice if each member brought in gifts or items for auction with a value of $800, averaged among all members of course.  Wendy you out there??  Of course she is.

Tom reminded the members of Terry Fox Day coming up on September 15th and a few volunteers are still needed so if able please contact Tom.  A great day for our community.

Pres Ron advised the club that Jim has accepted his invitation to be our 3d member of the Community Advisory Committee, joining Richard & Bernie.  We are in good hands.

Pres Ron reminded the club that our official dinner with DG Mike & Karen will be Sept 4th.  Would be great to have a the hall full of Rotarians, spouses and/or friends.  Mark your calenders.

 Wayne has volunteered to present a Rotary minute next regular meeting, Sept 4th.

Ross introduced our guest speaker, Brian Harkness, a former member of our club who spoke of the changes in aviation and why these have happened.  Brian is a retired Captain from Air Canada where he flew for 35 years.  Brian is currently New Generation Director with his club up north and passed out sponsor forms for a club event at his home club.  Brian also exchanged club banners with Pres Ron  On to events that have changed aviation!  Brian currently serves as a consultant to Air Canada working in the area of new policies and procedures dealing with new generation approach aids.  Events that have forced the aviation industry to look at itself unfortunately usually derive from incidents or accidents.  Brian started with the Swissair accident that ended up in the water close to Peggy Cove, why did it happen and what did we learn?  Primarily procedures were changed regarding smoke in the aircraft and how to create wire bundles in the a/c.  I could go on as to how the changes were implemented but will try to keep this reasonably concise.  Suffice it to say changes in procedures followed the lessons learned.  On the lighter side sometimes the lessons learned result in humerous events, like a Airbus 320 declaring an emergency and landing immediately for what turned out to be burned toast in the galley!  Brian went on to discuss 3 accidents Air France has had and applied the lessons learned to aviation today.  Some incidents/accidents result from a training/cultural problem and once recognized they must be addressed.  Korean Airlines would be a positive example of an airline recognizing they had a problem and addressing the problem quickly and positively.  Unfortunately there are examples that go the other direction.  Brian politely worked around the problem that the new generation of pilots tend to be under-trained today, lack the experience previous generations had and therefore present new challenges in training.  The discussion of automation in today's cockpit is on-going and something that must be addressed, vis-a-vi the Air France A 330 accident over the Atlantic.  Many feel that once the accountant mentality took over the airlines changes were made but not for the better.  This discussion could go on and on so suffice it to say that the membership seemed to enjoy the presentation and asked pertinent, interesting questions during the Q & A session that followed Brian's comments.  Bill asked an interesting question, why are young men and women still attracted to the profession today with such low starting salaries and poor working conditions?  The answer is that there is still the love of flying out there, and in my words "it beats working for a living"!  I would have hated to get a real job!!  Many thanks to Brian for a most interesting presentation, judging by the quietness of members while he was speaking the club obviously enjoyed  Your scribe had the pleasure of thanking Brian and presenting him a new coffee mug reminding him of his roots in Rotary.

Your scribe donated a bed kit for the usual rendition of Happy Birthday and was rewarded with a new low!!  I mean like a new LOW!!  Many thanks.

Happy Bucks were spent and if Nancy gets another hole-in-one we all get free drinks!

Warren was the Sergeant for the evening and made up for any lack of funds over the past few meetings.  He unfairly made the table where I was sitting pay a fine for $2 but what the heck, all for a good cause.  Pres Ron was fined and sent back to the drawing board for table selection, surprise, surprise.  Well done Warren! 

Janet returned from her cruise in Russia just in time to win the wine draw!  Well done.

Next week will be a Bar-B-Q with Gary & Nadine so please check in early, especially if bringing guests.  Yes Bob, a spousal event  See you there.

Have a super week, be well.

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.
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