Outgoing President Joe passes the gavel to Incoming President Darrell
WOW, what a night!  President Joe handed over the gavel and bell to President Darrell in extremely fine fashion and I can report that a good time was had by all.

46 Members, Guests and Honorary members enjoyed Fellowship time while sipping club sponsored champagne along with Jean's excellent Hors D'Oeuvre's.  Liz & Martin arrived and it was nice to catch up on their news and hopefully we may see Liz more frequently!!  I must say that as a Club we do dress up well, difficult to recognize some members.

President Joe
was on time in ringing the bell for his last time as President and the fact that he would later be Sergeant did seem to limit comments from the floor.  Perhaps the announcement that there was an open wine bar for the evening also created a very favourable atmosphere, proving that silence can in fact be bought. 

President Joe and PE Darrell then had Guests introduced in a very innovative manner as they traveled from table to table presenting the ladies with a long stemmed rose as a selected Rotarian introduced the guests at their table.  Very nicely done! ChangeOver2011-12