JUNE 5TH from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Official Opening and presentation at 2:00 pm. Bring your kids, your neighbors, your friends, your dogs and enjoy the day.
1.Bring your picnic or feed off the Rotary Chuck Wagon.
2.Music will be in the air.
3.Palgrave history will be presented by John Milligan.
4.Tim Richardson guided tour of the Millpond trail with flora description.
5.Peter and Valerie Swain will instruct birdwatchers on the local species.
6.TRCA will distribute maps of trails and will do guided tours in the Palgrave Conservation area.
7.Presentations of the future plans for the whole park area.
8.Reverend Roberts United Church with the history of the Palgrave church.
9.Fish ladder tour and description by Milligan and Richardson.
WHERE: Hyw. 50 just north of the Palgrave village on the east side.
Why: Meet your neighbours and your Palgrave Rotarians.
Discover your parks and trails in Palgrave.
a. Palgrave Conservation park
b. Millpond Trails
c. Bruce trails
d. Trailway (Cross Canada Trail)
e. Oakridges Moraine Trails.
Come out and have a great community day of celebrations.