Palgrave Rotary needs Hockey Equipment

Thank you Caledon.

No more than 10 days ago, Susan Hicks from the Palgrave Rotary put out a request for new or slightly used hockey equipment that would be sent to John C. Yesno Indigenous School in Fort Hope, Ont. which is situated 3.5 hrs. Northeast of Thunder Bay. We partnered with Gerry Lue from the Etobicoke Rotary Club who were the lead on setting up this project.  Our members and friends of Palgrave Rotary jumped on board and reached out to the community and we have had a stunning response.
 The families of the Caledon Hawks were able to help out after Caledon Rep Hockey connected with 20 teams.  Sandra Tomona rallied the Investors Group team & received amazing donations from Caledon Women’s Hockey League, & Rexdale Women’s Hockey League.  Also Patti Foley and her “JustSayin” internet publication and Heather Savage of the Caledon Parks and Recreation department both passed on our message. The response has been overwhelming.
Here are the results:
260 Pcs. of equipment (hockey stick, pads, helmets etc.…)
326 Hockey Sweaters
175 pr. Of Hockey socks.
75 pr. Of skates.
17 full size hockey bags
Palgrave Rotary club would like to thank all the families and hockey teams that went out of their way to make this such a successful project with just 10 days’ notice. We are so grateful for your continued help and support.
\Palgrave Rotary
Bernie Rochon