To all of you named below thank you so much. I think that we have proven to the club that this is a worthwhile fund raiser that should be pursued in future years. Considering that the attendance was down by about 35% from last year our totals are very good and the cost of administrating this event is nil outside of the water and the signage (which will only happen this first time).

I had suggested that we could reach $6000 in revenue if the attendance was the same as last year. As it turned out we collected $5893.56 with only 65% of last year’s attendance. If we reach the attendance of previous years again and we will, the revenue should reach close to $7500 in future years. The 2011 revenue for this event was at the same level as this year with parking fees forcing the donation.

Without the help of friends and neighbours that volunteered to help,  we could not have achieved what I thought was a very smooth operation  which also was lots of fun. So thank you Lymans, Grant, Evangelista, Dwyer and Hopsons. We did have 6 members that also participated in this endeavour. A big thank you to you also. WE DID IT!!!! AND IT WAS FUN WITH MUSIC AND DANCING.

Bernie Rochon