Posted by Denny Conway on Apr 03, 2019


    Grinnell Rotary met Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. for their weekly meal, meeting, and program.

    The brief business meeting consisted of a short financial update.

    The program was presented by a local historian, Karen Groves.  Karen’s topic of discussion was a tour of Hazelwood Cemetery (in her own words).  Research for the tour of Hazelwood Cemetery was done by Betty Ernst and Karen Groves, and they both worked long and hard to complete it.  One interesting fact that Groves reported was: In the early years of Hazelwood Cemetery, family members would care for or maintain their own grave site.  The cemetery is now owned by the City of Grinnell. Groves detailed some interesting facts about Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, whose final resting place is in Hazelwood Cemetery.  J.B. Grinnell (as a conscientious breaker of the Fugitive Slave Law) used his influence, his home, and wool barn to aid escaping slaves in their quest for freedom. Founder of Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell Grinnell, is buried in Hazelwood Cemetery, on land that he donated to the town.  Josiah B. Grinnell’s gravesite, overlooking the community named for him, is the best place to commemorate his extensive involvement in the Underground Railroad. Hazelwood Cemetery is open to the public seven days a week during the daylight hours.

    Grinnell Rotary meets every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at West Side Family Restaurant.