Our Rotarian of the Day tomorrow is Kim Byers.  I'm sure she will have a great program for us.
Bruce Mason is Sergeant-at-Arms.
Please remember that our Birthday Auction will be next week with Gregg Lynes serving as our auctioneer.  President Mike sent out the listing of birthdays for this quarter last week, so we know there are some exciting things to look forward to.  Be ready to bid on the "gifts" offered by our birthday celebrants.  Money collected will go to their selected charities.
Tom Downs reported that he talked to Patty Borseth this morning and Eric is still in the hospital.  They had thought he would be able to go home last Friday, but the doctors have encountered some things that need to be attended to before he can be dismissed.  He is becoming frustrated because of this delay, and appreciates our continued thoughts and prayers.
President Mike is encouraging people to sign up for the Grand Management Seminar on February 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in West Des Moines.  There is no cost, but if we want to apply for a grant, we must have people in attendance.  Sign up on the District 6000 website.
Upcoming Event -
2019 Bowling Bash, Friday afternoon, February 22.  This is a very important fund raiser for the Iowa Technology Expo and other community projects.  We would like to fill all the lanes at the Great Escape this year.  Please check with Mike to get the forms for sponsorships and to register your team (or teams).  Mike needs the names of your team members this week so he can get them to the bowling alley before the event.  Also, if you need to sign up for an auction item, please let Mike know.  Please continue selling the raffle tickets for the $500 prepaid credit card.
February 20 - Gregg Lynes (Birthday Auction)   
February 27 -  Ned Looney
March 6 - Corinne Lambert
March 13 - Marti Kline
March 20 - Adam Kline
March 27 - Committees/Networking
Rotarian of the Day 
February 20 - Birthday Auction                       Board meeting 
February 27 - Committees/Networking
March 6 - Kevin Jasa
March 13 - Linda Harris
March 20 - Anthony Harbaugh                         Board meeting
March 27 - Committees/Networking
Yours in Service,
Norma Bettis