Rotary Board Meeting March 23, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Adam, Deb, Aaron, Chris V.

  1. Discussion on CHS scholarships. We previously awarded 5 students but received 9 additional applications which were timely sent. Adam made a motion to award $200 to: Kara Brinker, Samantha Murray, Rachel White, Jacey Loew, and Joe McCartan. In addition we previously gave $1000 to Samantha Walsh our RYLA student. We liked the work ethic of these students not just in school but in the community, the scored high and ranked high in their class, though not necessarily at the top. Motion second by Aaron, all voted yes.
  2. Brett has not yet ordered the bike helmets so we discussed that. The general feeling was that the school year will not be completed and so we won’t have an opportunity to give them out. The consensus of the group was to ask Brett not to order them and that depending on how the year works out, either skip it this year or order them for delivery in the fall.
  3. We discussed a cash gift to the food pantry (on 3rd Street directed by Roxie Reinhart). Nick had made this suggestion and Bob said he had heard it from the DG. All thought it was a good idea. Motion by Adam, second by Deb to give $250 to the Food Pantry. All voted yes.
  4. Next meeting will also be by conference call and is scheduled for April 6 at 7:00 am.

Phil Phillips, Secretary