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Service Above Self

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Rotary Board meeting November 16, 2020

Present: Aaron, Hubert, Adam, Chris, Deb, Ann, Bob, Phil


  1. Bob can order shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, jackets, or sweat shirts. Cost is $25-$40. We discussed buying for the whole club, probably sweatshirts. What does the club think? Contact Bob if you want to place an order, Bob will explore buying for the whole club and report back to us.
  2. After much discussion, the board decided to meet next Monday evening (11/23) at 5:00 pm at Kerp’s. We can have a beer and order dinner, spouses invited. No noon meeting that day.
  3. Again, after much discussion about the future club president. We decided to go with two year terms beginning with Chris. Chris will be president 2021-22, Adam will be president 2022-2024. This will give us time to gain new members and look for new leadership.
  4. Human Trafficking was an issue that District 6000 wants us to support, it was a unanimous decision to sign their petition. No one supports human trafficking. (Duh)
  5. Dictionaries have been order, when they come in (later this week) we will talk with Brett and schedule the delivery and a time to put sticker’s on them. (Look for this Friday 11/20). Chris talked to Rachel at the library. They have need for ipads and for a ‘learning center’ which allows children to view podcasts and other media. We are considering switching from dictionaries to another or additional literacy issue. Phil will talk to Kuemper to see if they still use the dictionaries. 
  6. Bomgaars is featuring a shopping spree for Christmas at 8 am on 12/5. This would be a joint venture with other service clubs. The board discussed visiting Bomgaars and finding an idea from their gift tree and Rotary purchasing for several families. Chris will talk again with Lions and we will do one or the other for Christmas (in replace of our former Kmart giving.
  7. We discussed doing something for the firemen. Phil will talk to Greg to see what will work. Our idea is to buy pizza’s. Apparently the firemen meet in two groups due to covid, we’d buy pizza’s for each group.
  8. We discussed speakers. Ann will talk 12/10. We want to get a financial advisor to talk about investing in a market in flux. Brett, maybe. If he can’t maybe Jerry Jansen. Or??

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board meeting August 31, 2020


Present: Chris, Phil, Hubert, Bob 

  1. We received a request from the Story City British Columbia Rotary club for assistance in raising money to fight polio by soliciting boat trips around the world. There was no interest in pursuing this request. 
  2. The DG is suggesting Aid to Iowa cities that have been hurt by the recent storms. While the District has $5000 set aside for aid he thinks we should do more. The consensus on the board was that the club would match any contributions that members would like to contribute. Phil offered $100. Contact me if you would like to contribute to this effort.
  3. Jim Feauto resigned from Rotary. Contact me or Jim if you would like to know more.
  4. The speaker on September 14 will be a representative of Hospice. For many years Rotary has contributed to their cause. Bob has had a softball tournament for 20+ years that raised money for this effort but this year due to covid he did not hold it. The board consensus was to ask members to contribute and we will contribute $500 (upon approval by a quorum of the board).
  5. We need to start serious planning for our auction. While we will not have a meeting next week (Labor Day) whoever would like to help with the auction we are going to meet at Family Table at noon on February 7 to start planning. Phil Phillips, Secretary 

Rotary Board Meeting June 22, 2020


Present: Bob, Phil, Chris V, Adam, John, Hubert, Ann, Deb, Aaron

  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance $15,668.11; Foundation balance $6,632.97.
  2. Bob will be painting this Saturday (June 27) beginning at 10 am. Please join him to help with painting the softball fields. This should be the last day of work.
  3. Alzheimer’s ride was last Saturday. We contributed $100, riders also gave $20. Jim and Phil rode.
  4. June 29 will be a 5:00 pm meeting at Rolling Hills park. We will have a dinner catered by HyVee. Spouses are welcome. This will be a change over of presidents and a recognition dinner. We will eat about 5:30 and have the ceremony at 6:00 and we should be done by 7:00 pm. Bring your own drink.
  5. The website is updated with our schedule through July. We will do the ditch walk on July 20th. There will be pizza for all ditch diggers provided by Chris. On July 23 we will have our second afternoon with a beer at the Carroll Brewery at 5 pm. We had a good turnout and a great time in June.
  6. We had a lengthy discussion on our fund raiser for this year. We received a letter from Azalea who do art auctions around the country. We have committed to do the radio auction similar to last years on November 7 from 10 to noon. Both UI and ISU are out of town that weekend. Phil will send a list of items from last year. We are asking Rotarians to provide something valued at $250 or give $250 in cash. We had a lot of fun and success last year. The art auction we will discuss further with Azalea and possibly do that next spring.
  7. We discussed a gift to New Hope. Motion by Adam and second by Aaron to give $1,000 this year. Depending on the success of our fund raiser we may give more later in the year.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting June 1, 2020


Present: Deb, Hubert, Adam, Bob W., Bob F, Phil


  1. The board met at Family Table Restaurant. There was seating for 20, we spaced ourselves out safely. No problems.
  2. Jim Feauto briefly attended and reported that Alzheimers will have another bike ride and walk this year. Last year we donated $500. No discussion on this and we will talk about it again later.
  3. Jim is also preparing a grant application for the Child Care Center, purchase of computers.
  4. We discussed at length where we should meet in the next few weeks and who should be our speaker. We like the face to face meetings. Adam offered to talk about the Lincoln Highway Suites (Morrison Building) that he has fixed up and made into short and long term housing. So next week we will meet at Family Table at noon and move to Lincoln Highway at 12:20 to tour that facility. If you cannot join us for lunch consider joining us at Lincoln Highway about 12:20. 
  5. We discussed meeting on Thursday June 18 at the Carroll Brewery. We had planned on meeting there May 28 but it wasn’t open. So we will meet there June 18. No meeting that Monday, June 15.
  6. Deb brought up membership, in September we will do a concerted effort to reach out for new members. We are all open to suggestions on how to get new members.
  7. There will be no Hospice softball tournament this year. It has been cancelled.
  8. Bob, Chris P. and family, Chris V., Dave, Bob’s granddaughter and Phil helped paint the softball field. We painted 25 gallons and still there is work to be done. Bob has ordered more paint and we will let you know when we paint again. 
  9. This is a difficult time for our country, our community and Rotary. The board is concerned about where we go from here. We do not have the answers but our desire is to reform into a strong organization like the members of the board remember from our past. 

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting March 23, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Adam, Deb, Aaron, Chris V.

  1. Discussion on CHS scholarships. We previously awarded 5 students but received 9 additional applications which were timely sent. Adam made a motion to award $200 to: Kara Brinker, Samantha Murray, Rachel White, Jacey Loew, and Joe McCartan. In addition we previously gave $1000 to Samantha Walsh our RYLA student. We liked the work ethic of these students not just in school but in the community, the scored high and ranked high in their class, though not necessarily at the top. Motion second by Aaron, all voted yes.
  2. Brett has not yet ordered the bike helmets so we discussed that. The general feeling was that the school year will not be completed and so we won’t have an opportunity to give them out. The consensus of the group was to ask Brett not to order them and that depending on how the year works out, either skip it this year or order them for delivery in the fall.
  3. We discussed a cash gift to the food pantry (on 3rd Street directed by Roxie Reinhart). Nick had made this suggestion and Bob said he had heard it from the DG. All thought it was a good idea. Motion by Adam, second by Deb to give $250 to the Food Pantry. All voted yes.
  4. Next meeting will also be by conference call and is scheduled for April 6 at 7:00 am.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting March 9, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Jim, John, Adam


  1. Treasurer report: Club account $12,013.42; Foundation $13,380.03.
  2. Bob will discuss with Family Table to alter the menu for the Top Ten students so the meals can be ready when they come. They will be on 5/4 and 5/11.
  3. Highway coalition requested annual support, we gave $100 last year. Motion by John second by Jim for $100. All vote yes.
  4. Carroll Foundation requested annual support. We gave $500 last year but this year reduced to $250. Motion by John second by Jim; all vote yes.
  5. Recycling containers Adam and Aaron will pay Rotary and the club will give $500 (motion last Monday and approved by the club). We will send total to Kuemper attention Ted.
  6. Rotarian of the year for 2018-19 was selected and is Nick Greteman; Rotarian fo the year 2019-20 Bob Fasbender. Phil will contact Trophies Plus.
  7. Discussed scholarships. We promised $1000 to the RYLA students Kyle Feauto and Sammie Walsh. We have given $2000 total to each school in the past. We had two applicants from Kuemper they get $500 each. We had 6 applicants from CHS and we selected 4 for $250. Winners are for $500 at  KHS Peyton Higby and Megan Bauer. Winners at CHS for $250: Ashley Onken, Jacey Loew, Makayla Bueltel, and Joe McCartan. Bob will present KHS winners and Adam will present the CHS winners. The award night is May 6. Motion by John, second by Adam all vote yes.
  8. We received an application from a student at Glidden Ralston. He is #1 in a class of 25 and scored high in ACT. He has worked as a farm hand for several years. There is no Rotary club in Glidden. After discussion we decided to give a scholarship of $250 to Luke Handlos. Motion by Jim, second by Adam all vote yes. Award night at Glidden is May 13 at 7:00 pm.

Phil Phillips, Secretary


Rotary Board Meeting January 13, 2020


Present: Phil, Bob, Jim, John, Aaron, Adam

  1. Treasurer report: Club balance $13,736.54 and Foundation balance $13,038.17. John has sent out billing and will follow up with 8 members who didn’t pay.
  2. Membership was discussed. John brought in a possible program including food an culinary products. I will give to Deb.
  3. Scholarship for students was discussed. I will email the form we have made to both the high school’s counsellors. The deadline will be March 1. Students from Rotarians (parent or grandparent) and RYLA representatives will have precedent. The board will review and make decision about winners and the amount of the award.
  4. City bathroom was discussed. Cleaning is an issue, the cost is $350/month. Currently a volunteer has been doing the work. The Chamber pays about $187/month in rent for the upstairs of the bathroom. We discussed and approved paying an annual amount of $1200 if the City is unwilling to pay the difference. We also discussed have other service clubs help.
  5. RYLA applications due January 31. I will include this information to the counsellors. 
  6. We discussed changing the format of our meetings. Attendance has been down. Some members never come (or rarely) to our Monday noon meetings. An article in ROTARIAN magazine described a club that did a different activity each week. The board discussed and will present this alternative: meet at noon on Monday’s but the first week would be a speaker (as now) the second Monday would be an activity (i.e. deliver bike helmets) the third Monday would be a board meeting and the fourth Monday would actually be held on Thursday night at 5:00 pm for a drink at a rotating bar. The fifth Monday (when there is one) would be a casual meeting or cancelled meeting or some free activity. The idea will be discussed at a noon meeting and will be sent to everyone by email.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting December 9, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, Deb, Adam, John, Aaron, and Jim

  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $10,920.32 and Foundation account balance is $13,585.67. The auction has received all but $185 of amount due and has a gross of $9,815. On a separate issue the board approved a gratuity of 10% for the Firemen Dinner.
  2. The board discussed moving to Family Table. Bob and Phil will contact FT tomorrow to work out the details. Kim arranged to have them host us on Monday’s beginning January 6, 2020. We will have to pay them $25/Monday but they will store our podium and flag. The board discussed raising the fee for Rotarians to $55 or $60/quarter. No action was taken. FT has a special and we can order at the door, details will be given by me after Bob and I have talked to them.
  3. There will be no meeting on December 30 for the holiday’s.
  4. Christmas spouse party is 12/23 at noon on the 4th floor of the hospital. 
  5. The club is required to elect officers for the year beginning July 2021. Please contact a board member if you are interested. I can tell you from my experience that being president was a lot of fun, if you have not been president please consider it. 
  6. Eric Hammer and Jessica Morton notified me that they want to resign because of work pressure. I assured both that they would be welcomed back if their schedule permitted it. Motion by Adams second by Deb all vote yes to accept resignation.
  7. Dennis Molitor informed John that “I became a inactive member June 1, 2019 so my total due is $00.00”  when we billed Mr Molitor $55.00 for dues for the quarter July 1 to September 30, 2019. Mr Molitor attended our noon luncheon July 15, 22, 29, August 8 and September 16. He also provided an item for our auction this fall. He is delinquent $55. The board accepts his resignation, in order to rejoin Rotary he must pay is delinquent $55.
  8. The board discussed meeting at the Haus Barn in Manning this spring and to arrange a meeting with Manning and Coon Rapids Rotary. Phil will contact the clubs and try to get this worked out for sometime after April 15. 
  9. The board also discussed a membership drive/club party this spring after April 1. The theme will be to come as you were when you graduated from high school. More details will follow.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting November 13, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, John, Aaron, Deb, Jim, and Adam

  1. Treasurer report balances: Club $10,879.59, Foundation $9,820.54. The auction gross was $9,665.00, expenses: Times Herald $250, Smart Shopper $216, Bordenaro’s $70, HyVee $50, Baratta’s and Rancho’s $100, Chamber $50, Radio $675. Net proceeds $9,665 - $1,361 = $8,304. 
  2. We are in negotiations with Family Table about holding our meetings there. We have the hospital until January and we can (maybe) continue there. But I would prefer a restaurant. Stay tuned.
  3. Roxie Reinart with the Community of Concern is presenting December 9. A motion by Aaron, second by Jim to give $200 to CofC, motion passed. The board requests members to bring food items that day—Bob will find out what they need.
  4. The Bomgaars Christmas shopping for kids is November 30th at 7 am. Aaron has given $100 for that effort. Motion by Aaron, second by Jim to add $200 to that gift, motion passed.
  5. Firemen’s Dinner is December 2nd. Cost of the meal is $11/person. Greg Schreck said 30 firemen will attend. We will have a sign up for this meeting. That meeting will begin at 5:45 pm at the Fire Station (801 Bella Vista Drive). The firemen have a meeting which begins at 7 pm.
  6. The spouse Christmas lunch will be December 23rd. I will get one of the rooms on the 4th Floor for that event. How many will attend? We will pass around a sign up sheet Monday.
  7. The taxes have been completed.
  8. Rotary builds a Rose Parade float. Aaron made a motion second by Jim to give $50 for our share of the float. Motion passed.
  9. Our monthly board meeting has been moved to Monday morning at 7:00 am at Queen Beans. The next meeting is December 9, 2019.
  10. The board discussed informally a number of items. We would like to have an after hours event maybe with the other service clubs to talk with them about joint ventures. We talked about an informal Championship weekend event. Maybe a formal dinner? Or maybe a costume party like the ones we did in the past? Let us know. We also talked about a recruiting event like the wine tasting we did 3 years ago? 

Phil Phillips, Secretary

BIDDING PROCESS: President Bob Fasbender and Deb Quandt will announce items on the air.  We will sell a few items at a time, so be listening for new items to come available.  When you hear an item that you want to bid on, call 712.792.4321 or 712.792.1380 to place your bid.  When you call in, tell us your name, phone number, item and amount you would like to bid.  Keep track of the bids on your radio and call back to raise the bid. We will announce winners on the air when a top bid is reached.  We will not accept early bids, so please wait to call until the item you want to bid on is announced.
PAYMENT & PICKUP: Items will be available to be picked up starting Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 1-3 PM at the Michael’s Shoes (215 W 4th St., Carroll, IA) and then again on Monday, November 4, 2019 from 1-4 PM.  Please bring cash or checks payable to Carroll Rotary Club.  No credit cards.
To view the complete inventory, visit us on Facebook

Rotary Board Meeting October 10, 2019


Present: Bob, Phil


  1. Sammie Walsh has requested to be considered for the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Phil has a message from Rotary explaining the program and will forward to Sonia.
  2. New Hope has requested funding for a Barrier Free Lift which costs $3,500. Bob will bring this up at our Monday meeting. Bob and Phil’s consensus was to give $2,500.
  3. On 11/2 from 10-noon is our auction. Deb and Bob will be on the radio the entire time. We need several people to help. 1. Be in the radio room and talk for up to 30 minutes (need 4-8 volunteers). 2. Need 2 people every half hour to take notes on bids, address/phone, and winners (need 4-8 volunteers). 3. Need runners to get things as needed (4-8 volunteers for 30 minutes each). So far we have these volunteers: Bob, Deb, Phil. John G., Tom. Let Phil know if you want to volunteer.
  4. The chamber will send out 900 email flyers for our auction on the Thursday prior to 11/2. Deb and Phil need to finish that flyer.
  5. A Carroll female resident has asked the service clubs to clear her snow. Bob contacted the Lions and Kiwanis and we will share the expense. Bob will bring this up at the meeting.
  6. Our club received the Govenor’s Service Volunteer award for 2019. Bob went to the presentation and received our award.
  7. Boy Scouts requested funding of $750. Bob and Phil thought $500 which is what we gave in the past. Bob will bring this up at the meeting.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Board Meeting September 12, 2019


Present: Bob, Phil, John, Deb, Jim, and Adam.

  1. Treasurer report: Club balance $10,667.83, Foundation balance $13,474.58. A check for $2,085.84 from Foundation to pay for Child Care Center grant. She will be at our meeting September 16 for picture. We discussed the fee for room rental which was approved about 2 months ago and will be billed the first time this quarter. We will not bill for room rental in those places we do not have to pay room rental—like St Anthony’s. Consensus of the board decision.
  2. Phil will contact St Anthony’s about our flag storage at the hospital. 
  3. Band Day is October 5th. The board understands that Clay and Michelle have handle this in the past. Are they again? Phil will contact them to see.
  4. Boy Scouts Chris Trondle will speak 9/23. He is requesting a $500 donation for Carroll scouts. Adam move, Jim second all vote yes.
  5. Auction update discussed. There will be a meeting 9/16 at 11:30 prior to lunch anyone interested can attend. The board decided money raised will go to pay our commitment to the Cancer center and we will use this in our advertising. KCIM has 3 lines and they do not roll over (4321, 9370, 1380). We need a bullet point article to be used to fill dead time on radio about: 1) what we do locally, 2) what Rotary does internationally, 3) the doner’s and the items, 4) history of our club, 5) other items of interest.

We adjourned at 8 am.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

The following are the minutes I took for you last week at the board meeting with the DG, Thursday, August 8
  1.  Present:  Bob, Jim, John, Adam, Aaron, Nick, and Erna & Steve Morain
  2.  Erna suggested improving Rotary using social media; she will have a monthly email with links we can use on our Facebook account for Rotary
  3.  She also suggested sending more from our club to PETS training, even if they aren't in line yet for president
  4.  Bob discussed our upcoming auction and our donation to St Anthony
  5.  Erna suggested having a person accountable to follow up with potential members; her club has the membership director follow up with prospects others have recruited
  6.  Erna said a social event for members can work if it is on the calendar three months ahead of time
  7.  Steve suggested reaching out to local Farm Bureau for members
  8.  Steve also suggested possibly looking at various occupations to see if our club still has one from each occupation as a way to recruit others
  9.  Bob said the board will meet again on 8/21 at Queen Beans to discuss locations
  10.  John, Treasurer, reported $10,509 in club account and $13,272 in foundation account
  11.  Bob mentioned members need to donate $250 of goods for the auction in November, and decide what they will provide
  12.  Bob mentioned Denison may join Rotary 6000
  13.  We still need a program director to replace Mark
  14.  There will be a picture at the 8/19 noon meeting for our donation to the hospital
  15.  Meeting next Monday, 8/11, at HyVee

Rotary Board meeting July 10, 2019


Present: Chris, Bob, Deb, John, Phil and Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Club account $25,377.51 Foundation account $2,355.11. John will transfer $12,000 into the Foundation account which is the amount we have typically given away during a year.
  2. Next board meeting will be 8/12 at 7:00 am at Queen Beans.
  3. On 7/17 at 4:00 pm at the Recreation Center Jack Wordell will make a presentation about the Rec to service clubs. Tom and Bob plan to go, one more Rotarian should plan to attend. The meeting will last about 45 minutes.
  4. The board approved an ad in celebration of Carroll’s 150th. 
  5. Ditch clean up will be the week of July 22; probably on Tuesday of that week at 4:30 pm. Bob will ask for volunteers at our meetings.
  6. Room charge was discussed. The charge went into effect this month. There will be no charge for rooms that we do not have to make a payment for. 
  7. The board discussed our fund raiser for the coming year. Deb has arranged for an online radio auction for November 2 between 10:00 and noon. The board will ask all members to contribute or pay for an item valued at $250. This will be discussed at the club assembly July 15—next Monday. 
  8. We will be holding our meetings at different locations over the next several weeks to determine where we should meet on an ongoing basis. Here is the schedule: July 15—Pizza Ranch; July 22—Country Table; July 29—American Legion Hall; August 8 (a Thursday for the DG)—Harold Bierl room; August 12—HyVee (upstairs room); August 19—St Anthony Hospital. The Board is looking for input to decide which of those locations to commit to into the future.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting June 12, 2019


Present: Bob, John, Nick, Chris, Jim, Chris V, Deb, Phil, Denny


  1. Treasurer report: Club account $25,372.60, Foundation account $2,354.74. John has prepared a budget sheet showing our expenses and income when I get an electronic copy I will forward it to the club. Financially the club continues to be healthy since our shakeup from 3 years ago. 
  2. We discussed attendance (average 14 over the last several months). What is the cause? National trends on club participation mirrors our club. However, I have heard complaints about the food at our current provider. I have heard complaints that Thursday is not a good day. (I have missed 3 times because it is Thursday). So the board is pursuing changing provider’s again. Choices discussed: 1) rent the Harold Bierl room and have HyVee cater, 2) Go to HyVee which has an upstairs room available, 3) Pizza Ranch and join with Kiwanis on Monday’s, 4) Pizza Ranch on Tuesdays, 5) Country Table. The preferred day is Monday, cost limited to $10 or less. Phil and Nick will check out HyVee (Adam is gone until next week) and report to the board and club with their findings. All suggestions should be directed to me. 
  3. RYLA, we have no students from either school so we will pursue a refund. The difficulty is students work and activities during the summer. This is a good program, but maybe a little too inflexible and too long.
  4. Relay for Life we have a team. Any Rotarian who wants to walk can join us.
  5. HyVee has a grocery challenge again this year. You will remember that Rotary is the current champs, thanks to our great team! Nick, Bob and Chris are our team this year, with Phil as first sub off the bench. It is June 27 at 8 am at HyVee.
  6. Alzheimer’s bike ride is June 22 from 8 am to 8 pm. Rotary wants at least one team. Contact Phil (me) to sign up. Team fee is $100 and rider fee is $20. Rotary will fund (at least) one team. So the cost to you is $20. 
  7. June 20 will be a club meeting to discuss our fund raising ideas for 2019. We have four: 1) dinner to honor teachers. This is similar to our Veteran’s dinners we’ve had the last 2 years. Bob will explain this one. 2) Carroll’s got talent which Phil will discuss. This idea came from Mark. 3) Radio Day which will be presented by Deb. This is an auction done on the radio one day, we use the station for 4 hours and solicit bids. 4) Denny has a letter he wants to send to former Rotarians to solicit money. Denny will present. Each presenter will take about 5 minutes with time for club discussion. We may go with one idea or all.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary board meeting May 8, 2019

Present: Phil, Bob, Chris, John, Aaron, Dennis, Nick

  1. Treasurer report Club balance $24,583.71, Foundation balance $2,453.57. John is in the process of creating a budget for the coming year and will balance the accounts to reflect our spending. We will share that budget with the club when it is finished. You will have time to make input into changes at that time.
  2. Grant application is due June 1. Jim is working on an idea for our daycare center. Nick will contact him to get an update.
  3. RYLA is due May 15. The students must go on a website to apply, it is a very easy process. Both schools have been contacted and we have a prospective student at each. Chris and Jim are working with the counsellors to complete the applications.
  4. Fund raising was discussed at length, here are our ideas, but we need leaders for each idea:
    1. Winterset Rotary has a cans and bottles receptacle and makes $6,000/year from can redemption. We need someone willing to pick up those cans on a regular basis and keep the site clean. Where do we put the receptacle? Who will collect?
    2. Relay for Life has its annual event June 21. Bob made motion to support a team for $100. All vote yes. Bob will solicit members wanting to contribute, for $25 you get a T-shirt.
    3. Dennis presented an idea to solicit former Rotarians for a contribution. We observe that most people drop out of Rotary because of a time commitment, not because it costs too much. We targeted August 15 for the date of the letter, Phil will check the website for former members. Dennis suggested we send a magnetic Rotary wheel along with the request—cost $1.25.
    4. Deb has an idea from the Charles City club to use the radio station to auction items. 
    5. Carroll’s Got Talent idea was discussed. We need someone with an art or entertainment background to lead this. We think it is a good idea and something that would be fun for the community.
    6. Carroll Educator’s recognition dinner. This idea would replace the Vet’s Dinner we’ve done the last two years. We would recognize a Teacher of the Year from both schools for the last school year and introduce the new teachers for this coming year. 
    7. Support the Merchants baseball team along with Kiwanis and Lions. 
    8. Bike ride on June 22 for Alzheimers. Rotary will sponsor at least one team and members will be asked to volunteer at locations on the route. 

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting April 1,2019


Present: Phil, Bob, Jim, Hubert, Chris P, Nick, John, Chris V


The board discussed what venue and day we should meet. Monday will not work for either Charley’s or Baratta’s (Winery). Wednesday is a bad day because of golf activity. The board liked the idea of Charley’s on Tuesday. Motion by Phil, second by Bob all approved.


ISU president is planning to come April 22 (a Monday). Phil said that the hospital is a possible location for that day. They have three rooms on the 4th Floor, with adequate parking and an elevator on the west building. Phil will pursue that.


Pickle ball group (Rich Hartley) requested funding for pickle ball courts. Motion by Phil, second by Bob to give $250.

Phil Phillips, Secretary


After our meeting I called Charley’s. They already have a group on Tuesday’s 2 of the 4 weeks. In addition they will charge $13.95 and need a guarantee of 20 meals. They could host us Thursday but we would not have a reserve, if they need the room for another (paying) customer they would bump us.


So, I went back to the board and discussed Baratta’s on Thursday. I talked to John B. and he offered Baratta’s on Thursday, 22 meal guarantee at $10/meal. This is what we have been paying the Winery. I discussed by email this info with the board and they voted to take that offer. I sent an email and got support for all but one member for Baratta’s on Thursday.


I went back to John and he can have us this Thursday, April 4. Shellie Haluska has agreed to speak then.


Board Meeting March 25, 2019

Present: Chris, Nick, John, Phil, Jim, Hubert, Aaron, Bob


The board discussed our change in venue due to the Winery closing. We looked at several locations: Chamber room, Kerp’s, Brother’s, Family Table, Charley’s, and Pizza Ranch. During our noon meeting several people spoke about the location being somewhere guests or new members would want to come. The general feeling was a choice between Charley’s or moving to Wednesday and staying where we are. 


The board discussion: we felt we would lose more members than we’d gain by changing to Wednesday and that the traditional Monday would be best. Motion by Aaron, second by Jim to move to Charley’s. All approved moving to Charley’s effective April 1. 


There was additional discussion about having to guarantee 20 dinners, meaning the club would make up the difference between 20 and the actual number less than 20. The consensus of the board is that this difference should be billed to members not attending. There was no action taken but we want the club to be aware of this. In years past every member was charged for a meal—even if they did not eat. 


After the meeting I visited Wendy at Charley’s. They have not yet worked out the details, what they will charge us, how many the guarantee will be, talking to the cook, etc. She will get back to me on their final details. I expect we can work it all out.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting March 13, 2019


Present: Jim, Bob, Phil, John, Chris, Dennis, Nick, Chris, Adam


  1. Treasurer’s report: Club balance $25,531.91, Foundation balance $6,269.89. 
  2. RSVP sent us an update on their annual activities. Jim will contact Stacey Venteicher about having them as a speaker. No action taken.
  3. Highway 30 Coalition requested $100 as a supporting agency. Motion by Adam, second by Bob, approved all.
  4. Alzheimer’s Association requested $500. Motion by Chris second by Bob; all vote yes.
  5. Michele Schulette made a request for her diabetic 10 year old girl to attend a diabetics camp this summer. Motion by Bob for $50, second by Chris; all vote yes.
  6. On June 22 the Alzheimer’s Association is sponsoring an all day bike ride to support the all day, every day care that care givers supply. Cost of the ride will be $25 to support Alzheimer’s. We discussed Rotary having a team and using competition to create interest. Who—other than me—is interested in riding on 6/22? Phil will contact Lakeshore Cyclery to see if they will come down to provide assistance. 
  7. The Winery has been rented out to the group in Glidden Lincoln Club. They will reopen May 1. John Guinan reported that they will continue the lunches for Rotary, he will have them contact Phil. 
  8. Membership was discussed. No action taken. 
  9. Fund raising was discussed. Do we want to continue Veteran’s Dinner? An auction? an online auction? Ideas? Contact the board with your ideas. John will look at the budget to determine the amount of money we normally spend to get an idea of how much we need to raise.

Adjourn about 12:45, we met at Kerp’s Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting February 13, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, Aaron, Adam, Chris, John, Nick

  1. We had a discussion about the cost of meals. We currently pay for 22 meals (at least) if 20 show up we pay for 2 extra meals. The last several weeks we have averaged about 15 people and therefore we’re losing a significant amount. I will talk to John at the Winery but I am sure they need a minimum number in order to break even. We could move, go back to Charley’s, have meal decision made the day of our meeting from a restricted menu. We could do that at the Winery too. The club needs to think about this and give Phil or other Board member their thoughts.
  2. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $26,597.29 and Foundation account balance is $6,309.93 as of 2/1/2019.  We earned $1,500 from the FB squares. Our gambling license has been renewed for two years through 1/2021.
  3. Adam has been looking for a poker/cribbage tournament sometime during March Madness. He will keep us informed. Our gambling license allows us to hold this but we must have the time/date sent to the State prior to the event.
  4. We discussed the AHS membership. They have withdrawn.
  5. Nick got tickets to the Tiger Knight breakfast. They are his, not the club’s, no action.
  6. KHS After Prom sent us a request. No action taken.
  7. We received a 12 minute video from the DG with information on several Rotary topics. We will talk to Mark and get this scheduled.
  8. June 22 there will be an Alzheimer’s bike ride sponsored by Jim Feauto at Regency. The ride will be on the trail, from sunrise to sunset with teams competing to see how many miles they can ride. Rotary might help, might support a team. Save that date!
  9. Discussion about our fund raising event. General feeling is that the Veteran’s dinner has run its course and it is time to do something else. We discussed an auction. Deb Q has an idea she heard from a club in Charles City using the radio in a one day event. Does the club have any ideas? Please share with Phil or a board member.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting January 16, 2019


Present: Bob, Phil, Nick, Chris, and Aaron


  1. No Treasurer report.
  2. We secured 2 RYLA spots. Someone will contact the schools to get two candidates. 
  3. New Opportunities requested funding for the mentoring program they are providing. This a new area of request, we have provided New Opp for two other programs and a total of $500. Motion by Aaron, second by Bob to take no action on this request.
  4. We discussed the Ronald McDonald house and talked about a contribution or perhaps sending someone down for the dinner that they have each  night. We will leave it up to the club to see if anyone is interested in going there. Anyone interested??
  5. After some discussion Chris Van Dyke was approved as the President nominee. Bob Fasbender will be our next president, Chris will be president 2020-21. 
  6. Motion by Chris second by Bob to accept AHS request to resign from Rotary.
  7. As some of you know Mark will have a medical procedure sometime in the next few weeks. He will be gone 4 months. The board has decided to offer a sign up sheet for Rotarians to either be the program (about your work, a hobby or something else) or find someone to be the program. I will send out a request in a separate email and the sign up will be offered the next few Mondays.
  8. Bob has created a Super Bowl chance game. Each spot costs $20 and winner’s will be decided at the end of each quarter ($100) and the end of the game ($100). Please bring $20 and pick your spot.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting December 12, 2018

Present: Phil, Aaron, Deb, Bob, Chris, John, Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $25,234.07 and Foundation account balance is $6,625.23. Veteran’s Gala gross $12,510 ($10,775 last year) net $7.009.63 ($7,300.75). We had significantly more expenses. The board discussed the cause and decided it was because we had others do work for us that could have been done by someone(s) in the club. We need to be more careful and diligent next year. The dinner at Garden View was provided so we will not bill for that meeting (11/12). Spouses will eat at the expense of the club next Monday (12/17).
  2. Chris asked that we remember the Silver Spoon program when we need volunteers for our projects. The contact is Nicole Cote (792-8010). Kuemper also has volunteers the contact there is Pete Haefs the principal.
  3. Chris will update and apply to renew our gambling license. We can’t—legally— offer poker tournaments with this license. The fee is $150 which the board authorized to pay.
  4. St Anthony Foundation asked for a donation, after much discussion the board approved $50.

Phil Phillips, Secretary

Rotary Board Meeting November 8, 2018


Present: Phil, Dennis, Adam, John, Bob, Nick, Chris


  1. Discussion about the tip for the Winery, Adam suggested earmarking the Pig for the month. I said that the tip was included in our bill, but maybe we could get something personal for the cook? I will ask John what would be appropriate.
  2. Treasurer report: the Club account has $25,370.53 and the Foundation account has $8,907.68. After the Dinner and John has determined our expenses for the next several months he will transfer most of the Club account to the Foundation. Gary Mart is doing our taxes which are due 11/15. John will f/u with Gary to make sure it is done. 
  3. We must submit a report on how we spent the grant of $1200 within 30 days of the time we spent the money which will be in May 2019 after we deliver the bike helmets. John and I will get together at that time and complete the forms.
  4. Sonya Ryerson with the Lions club contacted us about the Bomgaars Christmas gift. Bob will contact her. It is tentatively scheduled for December 1.
  5. Brad Auge and Matt Ringenberg are leaving Carroll and resigning from the Club. All voted yes to accept the resignations.
  6. Adam discussed the downtown bathroom which we supported and which does have our logo on it. He said the maintainence cost is about $4000/year and the businesses stuggle to meet that. He moved that we contribute $500 for that fund. Motion by Adam, second by Bob all vote yes.
  7. Discussion of the Veterans Dinner followed the meeting. All speakers are confirmed. We will set up at the Winery at 4:00 pm Friday (11/9—tomorrow). ASA will be playing, last year we gave them $150 but this year after discussion we agreed to give $250. Adam is going to wear a suit, Bob and I are wearing navy clothes. Bob suggested that all Rotarians follow those examples or wear a Rotary shirt.  

adjourned at 7:30. Phil Phillips, Secretary.


Rotary Board Meeting October 3, 2018


Present: John, Phil, Deb, Dennis, Bob, Chris, and Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Foundation account balance is $5,398.08 and Club account balance is $22,967.79. Sales for the Vet’s Dinner are at $6475.00. About where we were last year.
  2. Community of Concern contacted us for a donation. After some discussion a motion by Chris, second by Bob to give $250. All vote yes.
  3. President elect for 2019-20. Discussion varied over several individuals. It was decided to name an interim person and continue to search. Therefore Bob has agreed to act as that interim person.
  4. Adjourned board meeting and open a discussion of the Vet’s Dinner. 
  5. We will meet with the Winery to discuss final preparations on Oct 26 in the morning, Phil will arrange with John the time. Radio DJ of the day is Oct 24 but Bob suggests doing it earlier so it can be aired prior to the 24th. Bob will contact someone to go to the station to record that event. Phil will send out email reminding all Rotarians to pick up their 4 tickets which will be available at Michael’s Shoes, Computer Concepts or contact Phil at a noon meeting. He will also remind all that we need a count of the meal choice which you can do by emailing Phil or by tearing off the ticket and answering the meal choice on the ticket (chicken or pork). Phil will also email a request for bio’s from Rotarians and their families. The bio should include a photo. Send it electronically to Phil. 
  6. Next meeting is 10/31 at 7 am at Queen Beans. 
  7. Nick is going to make a presentation at the noon meal (at Drees) to the YP group. He would like a younger Rotarian to go with him to talk to them about what Rotary does and why they should join us.

Phil Phillips, Secretary


Rotary Board Meeting September 5, 2018


Present: Phil, Bob, John, Nick, Chris, Dennis

  1. Treasurer report: Foundation balance is $5276.48; Club balance is $23,726.98. $1950 has been received so far for the Vet’s Dinner. 
  2. Donations:
  3. Community Conversations (CJ Niles) requested $500. Moved by Chris, second by Bob all vote yes.
  4. New Hope requested $3000 for 2 sleeper sofa’s to be used in the group homes. Motion by Bob second by Chris all vote yes.

       5.  Kevin Lein has asked to become a member, sponsor is Mark. Motion by                Chris, second by Bob, all vote yes.

       6. Mike M. said there will be a photo taken for our donation to their Honduras           trip at 7 pm Sunday the 9th. Any Rotarian interested please plan to attend.

Meeting adjourn followed by Veteran’s Dinner update

—volunteer needed to contact Volquartsen’s, Iowa Corn Processors and Leonard Walde. Anyone interested?

—a letter will be sent to all Rotarians asking them to purchase 4 tickets ($100) this week.

—-Adam will be asked to print tickets as last year. We need them by at least 9/17.

—-Send letter to Jefferson Casino thru the Jefferson Rotary president. Chris will get name to Nick.

—-Bob suggest sending letter to all area Rotary clubs with a complimentary ticket.

—-Nick f/u with Kuemper’s principal re the singers

—-Bob got bears as he did last year for each service club. He also will get a wooden flag for auction.

—-Rob Curry has agreed to be one of our speakers. He is Cathy’s brother, Lynn’s son. He is an Air Force pilot. Adam is still working on Senator Ernst or General Orr.

Next meeting October 3rd and will be combined with a board meeting

Phil Phillips, secretary

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