Posted on Sep 05, 2018

Rotary Board Meeting September 5, 2018


Present: Phil, Bob, John, Nick, Chris, Dennis

  1. Treasurer report: Foundation balance is $5276.48; Club balance is $23,726.98. $1950 has been received so far for the Vet’s Dinner. 
  2. Donations:
  3. Community Conversations (CJ Niles) requested $500. Moved by Chris, second by Bob all vote yes.
  4. New Hope requested $3000 for 2 sleeper sofa’s to be used in the group homes. Motion by Bob second by Chris all vote yes.

       5.  Kevin Lein has asked to become a member, sponsor is Mark. Motion by                Chris, second by Bob, all vote yes.

       6. Mike M. said there will be a photo taken for our donation to their Honduras           trip at 7 pm Sunday the 9th. Any Rotarian interested please plan to attend.

Meeting adjourn followed by Veteran’s Dinner update

—volunteer needed to contact Volquartsen’s, Iowa Corn Processors and Leonard Walde. Anyone interested?

—a letter will be sent to all Rotarians asking them to purchase 4 tickets ($100) this week.

—-Adam will be asked to print tickets as last year. We need them by at least 9/17.

—-Send letter to Jefferson Casino thru the Jefferson Rotary president. Chris will get name to Nick.

—-Bob suggest sending letter to all area Rotary clubs with a complimentary ticket.

—-Nick f/u with Kuemper’s principal re the singers

—-Bob got bears as he did last year for each service club. He also will get a wooden flag for auction.

—-Rob Curry has agreed to be one of our speakers. He is Cathy’s brother, Lynn’s son. He is an Air Force pilot. Adam is still working on Senator Ernst or General Orr.

Next meeting October 3rd and will be combined with a board meeting

Phil Phillips, secretary