Posted on Oct 03, 2018

Rotary Board Meeting October 3, 2018


Present: John, Phil, Deb, Dennis, Bob, Chris, and Nick


  1. Treasurer report: Foundation account balance is $5,398.08 and Club account balance is $22,967.79. Sales for the Vet’s Dinner are at $6475.00. About where we were last year.
  2. Community of Concern contacted us for a donation. After some discussion a motion by Chris, second by Bob to give $250. All vote yes.
  3. President elect for 2019-20. Discussion varied over several individuals. It was decided to name an interim person and continue to search. Therefore Bob has agreed to act as that interim person.
  4. Adjourned board meeting and open a discussion of the Vet’s Dinner. 
  5. We will meet with the Winery to discuss final preparations on Oct 26 in the morning, Phil will arrange with John the time. Radio DJ of the day is Oct 24 but Bob suggests doing it earlier so it can be aired prior to the 24th. Bob will contact someone to go to the station to record that event. Phil will send out email reminding all Rotarians to pick up their 4 tickets which will be available at Michael’s Shoes, Computer Concepts or contact Phil at a noon meeting. He will also remind all that we need a count of the meal choice which you can do by emailing Phil or by tearing off the ticket and answering the meal choice on the ticket (chicken or pork). Phil will also email a request for bio’s from Rotarians and their families. The bio should include a photo. Send it electronically to Phil. 
  6. Next meeting is 10/31 at 7 am at Queen Beans. 
  7. Nick is going to make a presentation at the noon meal (at Drees) to the YP group. He would like a younger Rotarian to go with him to talk to them about what Rotary does and why they should join us.

Phil Phillips, Secretary