Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Rotary Board Meeting November 8, 2018


Present: Phil, Dennis, Adam, John, Bob, Nick, Chris


  1. Discussion about the tip for the Winery, Adam suggested earmarking the Pig for the month. I said that the tip was included in our bill, but maybe we could get something personal for the cook? I will ask John what would be appropriate.
  2. Treasurer report: the Club account has $25,370.53 and the Foundation account has $8,907.68. After the Dinner and John has determined our expenses for the next several months he will transfer most of the Club account to the Foundation. Gary Mart is doing our taxes which are due 11/15. John will f/u with Gary to make sure it is done. 
  3. We must submit a report on how we spent the grant of $1200 within 30 days of the time we spent the money which will be in May 2019 after we deliver the bike helmets. John and I will get together at that time and complete the forms.
  4. Sonya Ryerson with the Lions club contacted us about the Bomgaars Christmas gift. Bob will contact her. It is tentatively scheduled for December 1.
  5. Brad Auge and Matt Ringenberg are leaving Carroll and resigning from the Club. All voted yes to accept the resignations.
  6. Adam discussed the downtown bathroom which we supported and which does have our logo on it. He said the maintainence cost is about $4000/year and the businesses stuggle to meet that. He moved that we contribute $500 for that fund. Motion by Adam, second by Bob all vote yes.
  7. Discussion of the Veterans Dinner followed the meeting. All speakers are confirmed. We will set up at the Winery at 4:00 pm Friday (11/9—tomorrow). ASA will be playing, last year we gave them $150 but this year after discussion we agreed to give $250. Adam is going to wear a suit, Bob and I are wearing navy clothes. Bob suggested that all Rotarians follow those examples or wear a Rotary shirt.  

adjourned at 7:30. Phil Phillips, Secretary.