Rotary Board Meeting June 22, 2020


Present: Bob, Phil, Chris V, Adam, John, Hubert, Ann, Deb, Aaron

  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance $15,668.11; Foundation balance $6,632.97.
  2. Bob will be painting this Saturday (June 27) beginning at 10 am. Please join him to help with painting the softball fields. This should be the last day of work.
  3. Alzheimer’s ride was last Saturday. We contributed $100, riders also gave $20. Jim and Phil rode.
  4. June 29 will be a 5:00 pm meeting at Rolling Hills park. We will have a dinner catered by HyVee. Spouses are welcome. This will be a change over of presidents and a recognition dinner. We will eat about 5:30 and have the ceremony at 6:00 and we should be done by 7:00 pm. Bring your own drink.
  5. The website is updated with our schedule through July. We will do the ditch walk on July 20th. There will be pizza for all ditch diggers provided by Chris. On July 23 we will have our second afternoon with a beer at the Carroll Brewery at 5 pm. We had a good turnout and a great time in June.
  6. We had a lengthy discussion on our fund raiser for this year. We received a letter from Azalea who do art auctions around the country. We have committed to do the radio auction similar to last years on November 7 from 10 to noon. Both UI and ISU are out of town that weekend. Phil will send a list of items from last year. We are asking Rotarians to provide something valued at $250 or give $250 in cash. We had a lot of fun and success last year. The art auction we will discuss further with Azalea and possibly do that next spring.
  7. We discussed a gift to New Hope. Motion by Adam and second by Aaron to give $1,000 this year. Depending on the success of our fund raiser we may give more later in the year.

Phil Phillips, Secretary