Posted on Feb 13, 2019

Rotary Board Meeting February 13, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, Aaron, Adam, Chris, John, Nick

  1. We had a discussion about the cost of meals. We currently pay for 22 meals (at least) if 20 show up we pay for 2 extra meals. The last several weeks we have averaged about 15 people and therefore we’re losing a significant amount. I will talk to John at the Winery but I am sure they need a minimum number in order to break even. We could move, go back to Charley’s, have meal decision made the day of our meeting from a restricted menu. We could do that at the Winery too. The club needs to think about this and give Phil or other Board member their thoughts.
  2. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $26,597.29 and Foundation account balance is $6,309.93 as of 2/1/2019.  We earned $1,500 from the FB squares. Our gambling license has been renewed for two years through 1/2021.
  3. Adam has been looking for a poker/cribbage tournament sometime during March Madness. He will keep us informed. Our gambling license allows us to hold this but we must have the time/date sent to the State prior to the event.
  4. We discussed the AHS membership. They have withdrawn.
  5. Nick got tickets to the Tiger Knight breakfast. They are his, not the club’s, no action.
  6. KHS After Prom sent us a request. No action taken.
  7. We received a 12 minute video from the DG with information on several Rotary topics. We will talk to Mark and get this scheduled.
  8. June 22 there will be an Alzheimer’s bike ride sponsored by Jim Feauto at Regency. The ride will be on the trail, from sunrise to sunset with teams competing to see how many miles they can ride. Rotary might help, might support a team. Save that date!
  9. Discussion about our fund raising event. General feeling is that the Veteran’s dinner has run its course and it is time to do something else. We discussed an auction. Deb Q has an idea she heard from a club in Charles City using the radio in a one day event. Does the club have any ideas? Please share with Phil or a board member.

Phil Phillips, Secretary