Posted on Dec 09, 2019

Rotary Board Meeting December 9, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, Deb, Adam, John, Aaron, and Jim

  1. Treasurer report: Club account balance is $10,920.32 and Foundation account balance is $13,585.67. The auction has received all but $185 of amount due and has a gross of $9,815. On a separate issue the board approved a gratuity of 10% for the Firemen Dinner.
  2. The board discussed moving to Family Table. Bob and Phil will contact FT tomorrow to work out the details. Kim arranged to have them host us on Monday’s beginning January 6, 2020. We will have to pay them $25/Monday but they will store our podium and flag. The board discussed raising the fee for Rotarians to $55 or $60/quarter. No action was taken. FT has a special and we can order at the door, details will be given by me after Bob and I have talked to them.
  3. There will be no meeting on December 30 for the holiday’s.
  4. Christmas spouse party is 12/23 at noon on the 4th floor of the hospital. 
  5. The club is required to elect officers for the year beginning July 2021. Please contact a board member if you are interested. I can tell you from my experience that being president was a lot of fun, if you have not been president please consider it. 
  6. Eric Hammer and Jessica Morton notified me that they want to resign because of work pressure. I assured both that they would be welcomed back if their schedule permitted it. Motion by Adams second by Deb all vote yes to accept resignation.
  7. Dennis Molitor informed John that “I became a inactive member June 1, 2019 so my total due is $00.00”  when we billed Mr Molitor $55.00 for dues for the quarter July 1 to September 30, 2019. Mr Molitor attended our noon luncheon July 15, 22, 29, August 8 and September 16. He also provided an item for our auction this fall. He is delinquent $55. The board accepts his resignation, in order to rejoin Rotary he must pay is delinquent $55.
  8. The board discussed meeting at the Haus Barn in Manning this spring and to arrange a meeting with Manning and Coon Rapids Rotary. Phil will contact the clubs and try to get this worked out for sometime after April 15. 
  9. The board also discussed a membership drive/club party this spring after April 1. The theme will be to come as you were when you graduated from high school. More details will follow.

Phil Phillips, Secretary