Rotary Board meeting August 31, 2020


Present: Chris, Phil, Hubert, Bob 

  1. We received a request from the Story City British Columbia Rotary club for assistance in raising money to fight polio by soliciting boat trips around the world. There was no interest in pursuing this request. 
  2. The DG is suggesting Aid to Iowa cities that have been hurt by the recent storms. While the District has $5000 set aside for aid he thinks we should do more. The consensus on the board was that the club would match any contributions that members would like to contribute. Phil offered $100. Contact me if you would like to contribute to this effort.
  3. Jim Feauto resigned from Rotary. Contact me or Jim if you would like to know more.
  4. The speaker on September 14 will be a representative of Hospice. For many years Rotary has contributed to their cause. Bob has had a softball tournament for 20+ years that raised money for this effort but this year due to covid he did not hold it. The board consensus was to ask members to contribute and we will contribute $500 (upon approval by a quorum of the board).
  5. We need to start serious planning for our auction. While we will not have a meeting next week (Labor Day) whoever would like to help with the auction we are going to meet at Family Table at noon on February 7 to start planning. Phil Phillips, Secretary