Posted on May 08, 2019

Rotary board meeting May 8, 2019

Present: Phil, Bob, Chris, John, Aaron, Dennis, Nick

  1. Treasurer report Club balance $24,583.71, Foundation balance $2,453.57. John is in the process of creating a budget for the coming year and will balance the accounts to reflect our spending. We will share that budget with the club when it is finished. You will have time to make input into changes at that time.
  2. Grant application is due June 1. Jim is working on an idea for our daycare center. Nick will contact him to get an update.
  3. RYLA is due May 15. The students must go on a website to apply, it is a very easy process. Both schools have been contacted and we have a prospective student at each. Chris and Jim are working with the counsellors to complete the applications.
  4. Fund raising was discussed at length, here are our ideas, but we need leaders for each idea:
    1. Winterset Rotary has a cans and bottles receptacle and makes $6,000/year from can redemption. We need someone willing to pick up those cans on a regular basis and keep the site clean. Where do we put the receptacle? Who will collect?
    2. Relay for Life has its annual event June 21. Bob made motion to support a team for $100. All vote yes. Bob will solicit members wanting to contribute, for $25 you get a T-shirt.
    3. Dennis presented an idea to solicit former Rotarians for a contribution. We observe that most people drop out of Rotary because of a time commitment, not because it costs too much. We targeted August 15 for the date of the letter, Phil will check the website for former members. Dennis suggested we send a magnetic Rotary wheel along with the request—cost $1.25.
    4. Deb has an idea from the Charles City club to use the radio station to auction items. 
    5. Carroll’s Got Talent idea was discussed. We need someone with an art or entertainment background to lead this. We think it is a good idea and something that would be fun for the community.
    6. Carroll Educator’s recognition dinner. This idea would replace the Vet’s Dinner we’ve done the last two years. We would recognize a Teacher of the Year from both schools for the last school year and introduce the new teachers for this coming year. 
    7. Support the Merchants baseball team along with Kiwanis and Lions. 
    8. Bike ride on June 22 for Alzheimers. Rotary will sponsor at least one team and members will be asked to volunteer at locations on the route. 

Phil Phillips, Secretary